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Andrew Tate has been mocked for sitting in what afficionados have noticed appears to be a cold sauna.

The controversial influencer, 36, who has amassed millions of followers, is currently on house arrest on suspicion of organised crime and human trafficking.

On Friday (31 March), Tate won an appeal against jail detention and was placed under house arrest.

The former Big Brother contestant was originally detained in late December in Bucharest, along with his brother Tristan and two Romanian women, with none of the four yet to be formally charged in the case. All four deny the allegations.

In a Twitter post, Tate posed in a sauna as he appeared to be sweating.

Sauna experts have mocked Tate on social media, after they spotted that the thermometer appears to be set at 50C, suggesting the sauna was actually cold.

The average sauna temperature in the UK tends to be between 80 and 100C. The temperature of Finnish saunas sometimes go as high as 110C.

Others ridiculed the disgraced kickboxer turned influencer for sitting on the bottom bench of the sauna, which they joked is reserved for children because heat rises, meaning the temperature is higher on the top benches.

“You are sitting in a cold sauna, on the bottom bench reserved for children,” wrote one person.

Another person said: “Is that shiny stuff sweat or baby oil?”

Others were confused at how the influencer could be sweating in a sauna with such a low temperature.

Social media users from Finland remarked that he was doing it “wrong”.

“Dude you do it wrong. Firstly, in [a] sauna, you must be naked. Secondly, you should be sitting on [the] top bench. That’s how you sauna. Greetings from Finland,” wrote one person.

It comes as a UK law firm is planning to launch civil legal action against Tate on behalf of three alleged victims. He is accused of perpetrating violent sexual and physical assaults against the women.

Responding to the latest allegations in a statement, Tate’s spokesperson said: “Andrew and his brother have recently been released from jail and they have not been formally charged with any crime. More so, previous attempts to accuse Andrew of similar fabricated crimes have been dismissed by criminal courts in the UK.

“Andrew Tate and his team are determined to clear his name and restore his reputation and will take immediate and decisive legal actions against defamation, slander and perverting the course of justice.”

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