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The larger cities in Romania, including Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Brașov, as well as smaller towns throughout the country, all feature a healthy concentration of sportsbooks and casinos. Romanians have a strong affinity for both sports betting and casino entertainment. The layout may consist of a casino, bank, and pharmacy in one building. A sportsbook and a few slot machines can be found even in the smallest villages. Many apps and websites cater to the growing demand for online gambling. Those over 18 in Romania are major users of online gambling sites.

There are many Romanian online casinos to choose from but my favorite game would be the slots game from the website casino7 (, but be wary of those that don’t have a solid reputation for fair play and customer satisfaction. Here, you’ll find a detailed analysis and ranking of the best, most reputable Romanian online casinos.

Top Romanian Casinos

Some of us prefer visiting brick-and-mortar casinos to try our luck at the blackjack tables, roulette wheels, and slot machines. There are both smaller facilities with slot machines exclusively and larger, more traditional casinos in Romania.

The entire country has just about 20 fully operational, land-based casinos, even though gambling establishments are very popular. We think that’s the perfect amount, but others could disagree. Bucharest is where you want to go because it has 8 of the 20 casinos listed. The remaining 90% are dispersed across several Romanian cities. Here, you’ll find a compilation of the finest gambling establishments in Romania.

Palace Casino

A visit to the Palace Casino in central Bucharest is an experience in itself. The casino is a good example of a timeless and sophisticated design. You’ll feel like you’re in a movie due to the magnificent architecture. There are six American roulette tables, six blackjack tables, and six poker tables for fourteen games, both old and new.

Two more tables are set up for Texas Hold ’em. The Palace is open around the clock but requires visitors to dress formally and pay a small admission fee. You don’t need a three-piece suit, but you shouldn’t appear in your jammies. Each player has access to a full-service bar, restaurant, and lounge. The employees are helpful and proficient in English. You will be given useful direction regardless of whether you know what or how to play.

Fortuna Palace

Fortuna Palace is a one-of-a-kind casino in Bucharest that provides excellent service. It’s got an open bar, a restaurant, and a staff that’s always happy to help. Several games, such as roulette and slot machines, are available in the casino. Friday nights are infamous at Fortuna Palace, which features an extra terrace space. A high-quality and expertly run establishment. An absolute necessity for any gambling enthusiast making the trip to Romania.

Game World Constanta

One of the best gambling establishments on the Romanian shore. The elegantly designed interior of Game World is home to various games and wagering possibilities. You can choose from over a hundred slot machines, play at one of 24 electronic roulette tables, or place a wager on the outcome of a sporting event. The casino is equipped with a large terrace that overlooks a scenic area.

To top it all off, participants can take advantage of the free bar and buffet. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and wide variety of slot machines at Gaming World Constanta. The casino does not currently provide live gaming, but the staff is kind and helpful. Gamers can spend as much time as they like there, and special events are held on the occasion.

Havana Princess Slot Club

The casino, decorated in a Cuban style, can be found in the heart of Bucharest. The gorgeous wall art gives the entire building a tropical, Caribbean vibe. The casino’s name gives it away: slot machines and electronic versions of the roulette wheel are available here. Almost 90 slot machines and a restaurant are offered to players. Also, the personnel is quite pleasant and useful. It’s one of the top casinos in Romania, thanks to its innovative layout. Princess International, of which Havana Princess Slot Club is a part, operates hotels and casinos all over the world.

Platinum Casino Bucharest

You’ll find the Platinum Casino in the Radisson Blu Hotel of Bucharest. A complete casino with a wide variety of games available to visitors. Every hour of the day, and you can come as you are. More than eighty different slot machines (both new and old) and two electronic roulettes are available.

Participants can enjoy unlimited pots in several poker variants. It’s unnecessary to risk a lot of money to play poker. High rollers can use the exclusive VIP area when playing at the Platinum Casino. The Radisson Blu Hotel features several restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, including Turkish, Romanian, Italian, and Chinese fare, in addition to a bar and a casino.


Many of the best casinos in Europe can be found in Romania, and they’re all quite convenient to get to. Real-life and traditional casino games coexist in some establishments. In Bucharest, you may find casinos that have been granted full gambling licenses, so if you want to play in a genuine casino with actual dealers, players, and games, you won’t be disappointed. Casinos in this list are among the greatest the United States has to offer. Due to the country’s high rate of online gambling participation, Romania also boasts a healthy selection of high-quality virtual casinos.

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