In Iași, in the heart of Moldova, the pedestrian Ştefan cel Mare has been transformed into a corridor of lights. Thousands of colorful lights shine among the houses with everything that awaits visitors.

The most beautiful Christmas markets in Romania

Tourist-reporter: We like it here in Iasi, it’s very beautiful.

– Did you come especially for the Christmas Fair?

– Yes.

– Where are you from?

– Bucharest.

Caroler: We are about 70 carolers and householders, the choir from Cozmeşti. Yesterday we had a carol concert.

Clara Mihociu, Observer reporter: Maybe we haven’t enjoyed snow at the Christmas Fair for years, but what is never missing, especially from now until Christmas every evening, are the groups of carolers and these bands that carry the traditions Further.

Ieșean: It’s very nicely arranged. I saw the bears from Bacău, I liked them a lot.

Brasov boasts the biggest Christmas market so far. Piata Sfatului is full of houses, there are twice as many as in other years. Some also sell mulled wine and minutes. In others, sweet cakes or traditional sausages. And the latter infuse you with handicraft products, made by the local people.

Local: Brings many sweet, food and souvenir makers, makes the world better, makes people come together, forget their troubles and lighten up a bit.

And yet, something is missing. The authentic winter atmosphere that only snow trojans can bring. Without the heated terraces, closed by the authorities during the Fair, Piaţa Sfatului seems somewhat empty.

Anca Mihai, merchant-reporter: Last year, it was a little better. This year, so far, not very, very well.

– What would be the explanation?

– I think it’s not snowing, exactly, people haven’t gotten into the holiday spirit yet, I think.

Local woman: It seems a bit deserted to me. Now, the people of Brasov know that the terraces are closed and they no longer come to the center, except to take a picture, they took a picture and went home.

Claudiu Loghin, Observer reporter: The Christmas tree in Piața Sfatului is practically the soul of the Christmas market in Brașov. It is 24 meters high and is decorated with a system of 200 thousand lights.

Clara Mihociu, Observer reporter: Something smaller than in Brașov, with only 13 meters and around 3000 lights and the tree on Ştefan cel Mare boulevard in Iasi remains the soul of the Christmas market here, being the most photographed place .

Iesean: It’s beautiful. I just came from some Christmas fairs in France, but it’s beautiful and it’s really nice here.

Clara Mihociu, Observer reporter: Because the end of the year must end at a height, the main attraction at the Christmas Fair in Iasi can be seen from afar, because the panoramic wheel is 32 meters high. A single race has 2 rotations, lasts 5 minutes and costs 20 lei. A small price for a lot of fun, people say.

Claudiu Loghin, Observer reporter: If in Iași we can watch the Christmas Fair from above, well, in Brașov we like to watch it from the glint of the ice: we have an ice rink with an area of ​​600 square meters, an ice rink that is available free for anyone who wants to enjoy the ice.

Tomorrow, the Christmas markets in Cluj-Napoca and Timişoara are also taking part in our contest.

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