Ukrainian forces repel constant attacks on the city of Bahmut in Donbas, in eastern Ukraine, and maintain their positions near the city of Soledar, in the same region, in “very difficult conditions”, as President Volodymyr Zelensky said, quoted by DPA.

The city of Bahmut resists Russian attacks PHOTO Profimedia

“Bahmut endures despite everything. And even though most of the city was destroyed by the Russian strikes, our soldiers repel the constant attempts of the Russians to advance”, Zelenski declared in his video speech at night, according to Agerpres.

Russian troops are also being kept away from the city of Soledar, in the Donetsk region. “Soledar is resisting, even if the destruction here is even greater, and the situation is very difficult,” said Zelenski.

The commander of the Eastern Force Group, in Bahmut and Soledar

The President of Ukraine also showed that General Oleksandr Sîrski, the commander of the Eastern Forces Group, visited the most difficult areas of the front line, the Bahmut and Soledar directions, where he organized the necessary steps to strengthen the Ukrainian defense, in particular, the transfer of additional units and the intensification of fire on the occupants, according to the Ukrinform press agency.

General Sîrski decorated a number of soldiers for courage and resistance.

Rotation of Russian troops

Russian forces have been trying to occupy Bahmut for several months, but without success. To justify their failures, the founder of the mercenary group Wagner, Evgheni Prigojin, stated that the mines around Bahmut and Soledar would have “unique and historical defensive structures” in the form of “a network of underground cities”, he reports on his website Ukrainian channel Kanal 24.

Ukrainian press agencies reported on Sunday, citing military sources, that in the Bahmut area (Donetsk region) there is a rotation of occupation troops, with Wagner units being replaced by regular Russian army formations. At the same time, Prigozhin’s mercenaries are relocated to the area of ​​the city of Soledar (also Donetsk region) for resupply and replenishment.

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