A total of 52,709,223 travellers or 94.12 per cent who arrived in Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic situation used the Spain Travel Health (SpTH) application.

The Spanish Ministry of Health launched this system in April 2020, in order to contribute to sanitary control at the borders that would adapt to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and also recover mobility, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

In a statement issued on January 3, the Spanish government emphasized that these data shows that the system has made it possible to ensure public health, simultaneously guaranteeing mobility and has also progressively allowed the safe resumption of economic activity, with the support of activation of the tourism subsector.

“The objective of the system is to facilitate mobility, guarantee public health and allow the gradual resumption of economic activity safely. SpTH’s success is reflected in the degree of traveler satisfaction and the low level of litigation it has generated since only four claims were registered,” the statement reads.

Moreover, the government also noted that this system, which was recently presented at the plenary session of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (SSHKS), reflects mostly its interaction which was launched in record time, as well as its homogenization with other similar tools used in other European countries.

Last month, the Spanish government announced that the country’s Ministry of Health has decided to automatically update all EU Digital Certificates for COVID, which are set to expire before June 30 of this year.

In this regard, the government pointed out that the Ministry will only update the certificates issued by the Ministry itself. As a result, now the Ministry has started sending electronic notifications with the updated form.

As the government explains, once citizens whose certificates have been updated receive the notification, they will have the opportunity to download the updated certificate with the new validity period.

Further, the government added that each person who wants to renew his certificate can reapply for the document through the website of the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, the same also said that the purpose of renewing these certificates is to facilitate the free movement of people.

Authorities in Spain kept in place strict entry rules due to COVID-19 situation, following the example of other European countries. However, back in October the government decided to abolish all entry measures for third-country travellers, but recently Spain imposed a test for arrivals from China, after the latter is facing a surge in the number of COVID-19 infections.

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