InterCity trains run on the M 800 Bucharest – Constanta highways, served by “Tomis Expres”, the M 500 Bucharest – Suceava/Iasi, on which the “Stefan cel Mare” and M 300 Bucharest – Cluj-Napoca trains will run, with the Intercity christened “Avram Iancu “.

InterCity train tickets are 15% more expensive than InterRegio tickets because modernized carriages, restaurant carriages, Internet, charging sockets under each seat and fewer stops on the route are provided.

On the route from Bucharest to Brasov, with the IC 531 train, the maximum speed is 140 km/h, according to infrapress.

In second class, between Bucharest and Brasov, the standard ticket costs 63.9 lei, i.e. 13 euros, while in first class, it is 92.4 lei, i.e. almost 18.5 euros. There are discounts for children, pupils and students. It should be noted that the TrenPlus card, issued by CFR in order to somehow increase travel loyalty, does not grant any kind of discounts.

The train also has carriages for Cluj-Napoca and Arad. From Bucharest to Ploiesti, the train took only half an hour, the city being the only stop until Brasov.

In the 2nd class, for example, the seats are arranged in a 2+2 configuration, i.e. four seats in a row, unlike Intercity trains in other European countries, where we have three seats in a row. However, the second-class carriages do not seem comfortable enough for long distances. The space for hand luggage is relatively generous, and at the end of the carriage there are special shelves for large luggage

In first class, the configuration is 2+1, and each seat has a table. Here, the seats are foldable. The sockets are in the wall, and the armchairs are comfortable. We would describe the legroom as convenient. Those who travel in first class have the right to a bottle of flat water and can find books to read at the end of the carriage.

Initially, the train was also provided with a small bar.

The Bucharest-Brasov distance was covered in two hours and ten minutes, four minutes earlier than the schedule.

And the Intercity train journey can be followed here.

CFR Calatori also provides InterCity trains on the M 500 Bucharest – Suceava/Iasi highway. The “Stefan cel Mare Expres” train covers the distance between Bucharest and Suceava in 5 hours and 39 minutes, and the ticket costs 194 lei. The time difference compared to the InterRegio Bucharest – Suceava train is only 5 minutes, but 24 lei for the ticket price.

The InterCity “Avram Iancu” Express train runs from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca. It covers the distance of 500 kilometers in eight and a half hours with stops in Ploiesti, Brasov and Teius. The ticket costs 185 lei (first class). The InterRegio train takes 9 hours and 15 minutes from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca, and the ticket costs 160 lei (1st class).

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