The number of citizens of Constanta who requested the European health card is 30% higher this year compared to 2021. Requests for the document that ensures free access to emergency medical services in the European Union began to increase immediately after the restrictions imposed by pandemic.

The spokesperson of the Constanța County Health Insurance House, Aurelia Drăgoi:

“The number applications of CARDS Europeans of former the year this with 30% May big than the year last. dfa the year last have former printed 5,500 of CARDS european, the year this, until in the this moment, Home of insurance of Health Constant printing 7,812 CARDS European. number applications of beginning to grow starting up with month March.”

However, the number remains lower than in 2019, when more than 10 thousand European health cards were issued. The document can be obtained free of charge by the insured, based on an application submitted to the Health Insurance House. The card is issued in seven days and can be received at home or at an address indicated in the application.

Editor: Cătălina Radu / Online editor: Alina Enache / Photo: Archive

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