The year 2023 could bring big changes around the world! According to a report by one of the biggest banks, the European Union will adopt a new strategy and could have its own army. Everything comes in the context in which the war in Ukraine is far from over, and security must be strengthened.

The establishment of the European Union army could be financed from the GDP of each member country. The report issued by banking specialists shows that the amount can be 10 trillion euros, and the money could be invested over a period of 20 years.

There will be changes in several sectors.

Due to the energy crisis, inflation will remain a challenge for all EU member states. And to keep this phenomenon under control, governments could introduce on prices. Moreover, analysts expect gold to reach a record price next year as well.

The owners of big technology companies and the world’s billionaires could develop the Manh energy project. They will team up to raise over a trillion dollars to develop energy infrastructure.

To reduce carbon emissions, meat consumption should be reduced to 24 kilograms per person per year from the current average of 70 kilograms per year, according to a report. In this sense, by 2030, a country could ban meat production. For example, Sweden has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by the year.

The forecasts show that we will witness changes in the political plane as well. The President of France, Emanuel Macron could resign, and in Great Britain a referendum could be triggered because of the measures taken by the Government.

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