Thus, the Braşov Police was notified on December 25, at around 03:20, regarding the fact that a person, staying in a hotel unit in the city of Braşov, threatened to throw himself out of the window, from the sixth floor, reports Agerpres.

Several operative forces belonging to the MAI, including two policemen, negotiators within the Special Actions Service – Braşov, were immediately sent to the scene. From the documentation of the incident, it was established that the person in question was staying in the hotel unit with his family and, amid contradictory discussions, he told his concubine that he would commit suicide, for which he went out to the balcony, climbed the railing of the building and positioned himself on its outer ledge, located at a height of approximately 20 meters above ground level, simulating detachment and precipitation from that place.

The intervention of the two police negotiators, which took place over several hours, together with the other engaged forces, convinced the 43-year-old man to abandon the suicidal action and descend safely.

After the incident, the person was taken in and evaluated by specialized medical personnel and, for preventive purposes, after discharge, he was taken to a police unit where he benefited from counseling.

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