The video mentions from the beginning that the action takes place in Europe and shows how a child receives a hamster as a gift from her parents for Christmas in 2021 in a festive atmosphere.

Then, it shows the Christmas of 2022, when the family no longer has electricity and is sitting by the candle, all being very thickly dressed, although they are inside the house, writes The last is the Christmas of 2023, when the same family, on the verge of poverty, without electricity and heat, sits down at the table and is forced to eat a soup made from the hamster received two years ago, for lack of anything else.

“Merry anti-Russia Christmas!”, is the message at the end of the material.

Oh dear… 🤦‍♂️

Russian state broadcaster RT has a Christmas message for Europeans

— Francis Scarr (@francis_scarr) December 23, 2022

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