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The date on the calendar and the temperatures outside are slowly reminding us that winter is around the corner, at least the calendar one. ANM has announced, since last week, that the last days of November come with temperatures specific to winter, and here we are with them, we also have the first snow.

It’s snowing like in the stories at Cabana Postăvaru, in Poiana Brașov. The first images captured on a surveillance camera

At Poiana Brașov, winter has already come into its own, although there are still a few days until December 1. Around noon, the surveillance cameras captured how the rain gradually turned into snow and thus the first snow fell from Cabana Postăvaru, reports Adevărul.ro.

Located at an altitude of over 1,600 meters, at the famous cabin today, at the same time, it was minus one degree, so the precipitation took the form of snow. The news is as good as it gets for winter sports lovers as it looks like they will be able to practice them earlier this year.

If the temperatures remain below zero degrees, as shown by the weather forecast for Poiana Brașov for the next few days, the administrators of the ski area will be able to use the snow cannons and the opening of the season could take place soon, the same source reports.

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The images of the entire story at Cabana Postăvaru with the first snowfall were published by the mountain rescuer from Brașov Costi Hodaș. The man posted on his Facebook account a clip and some photos with the title: “Postăvaru! Fresh snow!”.

“At altitudes above 2000 meters there is a new consistent layer of snow! We advise you to use equipment suitable for the winter season at altitudes above 1600 meters! Considering the weather forecast in the mountain area for the next few days, there is a possibility of icy areas forming!”, the mountain rescuers from Poiana Brașov also sent.

When does winter come to Bucharest and where will the lowest temperatures be recorded

Meteorologists say that although the end of November came with temperatures specific to winter, the Capital will have to wait until it is covered by snow.

“We hope that the snowfalls in the capital will be expected. It is true that there are solutions to numerical models that the other day promised precipitation in the form of sleet and snow in the southern part of the country, but concretely, an analysis of the most recent data available to us indicates that the probability of precipitation in the form of snow is greater in the northern part of the Eastern Carpathians, tomorrow night, when also in the bordering area, their lower relief area, i.e. the northern part of Moldova, is not excluded as well as in the depression area of to Maramureș, let the precipitation appear in the form of sleet and snow”, said Gabriela Băncilă, director of ANM, according to Antena3 CNN.

“I think we need to be aware and prepared for what a normal winter means in Romania. Because a normal winter in Romania also means periods with frost, and a period with snow, snow associated with the word, i.e. blizzard, a normal winter in Romania also means periods in which we have intrusions of warmer air after there has previously been a mass of stationary cold air and therefore the appearance of sleet or freezing rain.

In other words, these elements, namely the blizzard, the periods of frosty weather and other phenomena specific to the cold season in the Romanian area, reporting some climatic characteristics, are phenomena as normal as possible for which we must be prepared”, said the meteorologist.

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