According to the quoted source, the circular prohibits the use of mobile phones during classes, emphasizing that they represent “an element of distracting one’s own and others’ attention and a lack of respect towards teachers, for which the priority is to restore authority”, reports .

“The interest of pupils and students, which we must protect, is to sit in the classroom to learn. The phone distracts the pupils, does not allow them to follow the lessons profitably and is also disrespectful to the figure to the teacher, for whom the priority is to restore authority. The common interest that I intend to pursue is that of a serious school, which again prioritizes learning and commitment,” says Minister Giuseppe Valditara.

School must be the place where the talents and creativity of young people are brought out, not nullified by repeated abuses in the use of mobile phones.

“The circular does not introduce disciplinary sanctions, we appeal to a sense of responsibility. We also invite schools to ensure compliance with the rules in force and to promote, if necessary, stricter additions to the regulations and educational co-responsibility pacts, in order to effectively prevent the improper use of these devices”, the cited document also states.

In other words, the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices can obviously be allowed, with the authorization of the teacher, and by complying with the school regulations, for educational, inclusive and training purposes, and within the scope of the objectives of the National Digital School Plan (PNSD) and of ” digital citizenship”.

A recent survey by the 7th Senate Committee also highlighted the harmful effects that careless use of electronic devices can have on the concentration, memory and critical thinking of young people.

The risks to children’s health that may arise from the continuous use of mobile phones are highlighted in the final report, distributed as an attachment to the circular, of the ascertainment investigation carried out in the past legislature by the 7th Commission of the Senate: “The impact of digital technology on students, with special reference to learning processes”.

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