The Minister of Investments and European Projects, Marcel Boloș, announced that he transferred a new installment of 250 lei, the fourth, to the social cards offered through the “Support for Romania” program.

social cardPhoto: MIPE / Facebook

“I am happy to announce that we managed to transfer the aid of 250 lei to the 2.4 million Romanian beneficiaries of the “Support for Romania” program. The Ministry of European Investments and Projects has transferred approximately 600 million lei, European money, which must reach every existing card by Wednesday at the latest,” Boloș wrote on Facebook.

According to him, “it was imperative that the payments be made before Christmas, so that the vulnerable can enjoy a little help so that traditional products are not missing from the holiday table”.

He reminds that next year vulnerable Romanians will receive six new installments of aid, totaling 1,500 lei.

2.4 million beneficiaries of food cards will also receive social vouchers of 250 lei every 2 months next year,

according to some emergency ordinances adopted on December 8 in this regard.

“The income ceiling up to which this food price increase compensation is granted has been increased from 1,500 lei to 1,700 lei.

So the number of beneficiaries of food cards is 2.4 million beneficiaries. The cost of one tranche is 600 million lei and 50% of this money will come from EU funds,” said Boloș on December 8.

Also, on December 8, a measure aimed at compensating the energy price with 1,400 lei per year in 2 equal installments of 700 lei each, in February 2023 and September 2023, was also adopted by GEO in the Government meeting.

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