These days have the power to bring a lot of joy and sadness at the same time. Holidays are not about special days, but more about the excuse to bring together the special people for each of us. Celebration is where the right people are!

Holiday people are always around us, but somehow we find time and excuses to be together more on holidays.

It is not the festive meals that are important, but those people who gather at them. It’s not the gifts that are the magic of Santa Claus, but the power to wake up with small gestures big smiles and discover joy realizing that someone is thinking of you.

When those we consider so special are gone, much of the magic of days that otherwise brought big smiles and joy is gone.

It took me several years in a row of events that shook me, but also the disappearance of several holiday people so that I no longer look forward to Christmas with the same joy preserved from childhood. To stop looking at the decorated tree as the magical object in the house.

Somehow I think I realized in my mind that I wasn’t going to be around him with those holiday people anymore, and that blew the stardust out of the air and drained the warmth that was enveloping me during this time. Such thoughts belong to a past that none of us can control.

The thought of what we cannot control is the most corrosive force on our energy. The solution? The present! Maybe life brings us new people as others come out of our lives. Not to replace them. Some people really are irreplaceable. But there are people who will reintegrate our circle of holiday people, those who will give meaning to special days, as well as they can feed the most ordinary days with good.

If these days we are tempted by sadness thinking that the holidays cannot be the same without those people who are no longer in our lives, let us seek to surround ourselves with those who are and enjoy them now. And if there are people who don’t feel how rich they are in having at least one person who thinks fondly of them, whether it’s a relative, friend, buddy, colleague, girlfriend or boyfriend, let’s help them feel that.

The holidays aren’t about lavish meals, presents, bountiful wishes, packed houses or trimmed Christmas trees.

It’s about the festive people who bring magic to every day, and now they’re adding a little more stardust to it. Star dust? Yes, because every time a star falls a wish is said to come true.

Behind them, the stars shake off the dust. There’s a lot of stardust in the air these days and plenty of room for wishful thinking. Together we can better feel the holidays and get caught up in their energy. One we need for a new year of millions!

Happy Birthday!

Together we change the world we live in!

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