In a high-class atmosphere, in which the elegance and distinction of the guests were highlighted, the awards of the Gala of Champions 2022 were awarded, an event dedicated to the promotion and recognition of those who stood out through performance and excellence in fields such as sports, music, arts visuals, fashion design, beauty and creativity industry.

The CALL OF CHAMPIONS awards are a concept of the football impresario, Radu Matasareanu and Adela Diaconu, television producer and former performance athlete, and they want to become a high-class annual tradition, which comes to reward the performance and excellence of those who contribute to the development of Romania through the exceptional results in their fields of activity, which bring added value to our country.

The event took place at Hotel Aro Palace, the only 5-star hotel, whose history is part of the culture of the city of Brasov, on December 18, 2022. The presenter of the Gala was the actress Alexandra Velniciuc, television personality and event presenter.

A day where sport, fashion, beauty, performance, creativity, social involvement and excellence were celebrated.

Helmut Duckadam, Anamaria Prodan, Emil Sandoi, Banel Nicoliță are some of the stars who handed out awards at the First Gala in Romania intended for young athletes, champions in their field of activity.

The event was also a feast of special artistic moments from fashion presentations to recitals. Raisandra, Inga Valerie, Scoala PREMS, LOSKI, Mazzaro, MC Elite Academy, Lawinne Models offered unique and special shows, in which the most beautiful children from Romania paraded.

During the Gala of Champions 2022, the following prizes were awarded:

🏆 Winners of the Gala of Champions 2022:

▪️ Excellence Award for the contribution to Romanian education, the promotion of communication between generations and the support of education projects dedicated to young people: Ornela Anghel, founder of PREMS Brașov International School

▪️ Award of Excellence for educational shows: “The game of words with Dan Negru” and “You follow!”, KANAL D

▪️ Excellence Award for social involvement: Gabriela Urse

▪️ Excellence Award in psychotherapy for children and adolescents: Lifecoach Alina Petre

▪️ Champions of Good Deeds: “Here for You” Association

▪️ Award of Excellence for premium dentistry – innovation in beauty and dental care for children and adolescents: Orizont Dental Clinique by Dr. Chivu Raluca

▪️ Performance in football: Laurentiu Reghecampf Jr

▪️ The most beautiful green resort on the Black Sea: with the best conditions for families with children: Novum by The Sea

▪️ Excellence Award for the organization of cultural events (shows, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, creative workshops): Nausica Mircea

▪️ Excellence and performance in Fashion: Rebecca Dumitrescu Prodan

▪️ Performance and Excellence in music at 15 years old: Raisa Dinu alias Raisandra

▪️ Excellence in organizing events for children, VIP play center: Ambasad’Or Play by Nicușor Stan

▪️ Excellence, seriousness and professionalism in organizing business travel events and selling vacation packages: VIP BUSINESS VOYAGE tourism agency

▪️ Excellence Award in Ophthalmology: DR Ovidiu Coravu

▪️ Performance in basketball: Sarah Dumitrescu Prodan

▪️ Kayak-canoe performance: David Busu

▪️ #ager Campaign Award for practicing sport, VOLLEYBALL, with passion, play, but also organization, ambition, determination at a young age:: Ioana Alexia Paul, from the BRAVOL Volleyball Club in Brasov

▪️ Performance in cycling: Flavius ​​Pavel Enescu

▪️ Performance in tennis: David Arcip from the Lechner Tennis School Sports Club in Brasov

▪️ Modeling performance: Jasmina Constantinescu

▪️ Excellence in the medical field ~ CAS settled Premium Services. completely FREE: Condor Medical Center, the ultra-modern Clinic with an impressive number of CAS settled medical services.

▪️ Excellence Award for qualitative and educational TV program: “Mornings with Georgia and Vali”, Metropola TV

▪️ Fine Arts Award: Andreea-Carmen Racovițeanu

▪️ Excellence Award for stellar hotel services: HOTEL ARO PALACE – The only 5-star hotel, whose history is part of the culture of the city of Brasov since 1939

▪️ Excellence Award for professionalism, seriousness and spectacular results in modeling: Lawinne Models Agency by Lavinia Ichim, National Director of Little Miss & Mister World Romania

▪️ The most popular and beloved Taraf for events – wedding, baptism, children’s party, private and corporate party, birthdays: Taraful Viorel Bogățeanu

▪️ Performance in fencing: Casian Cîdu

▪️ Performance in Top Tennis 2022: Rose Marie Nijkamp

▪️The best Academy (modeling courses, diction, acting, dance, personal development) for training elite children in Romania: MC ELITE ACADEMY by Mitra Călina

🏆⚽️🥇 The first Gala in Romania dedicated to little footballers, the Gala of Champions, and a

designated winners:

⚽️ Excellence, seriousness and professionalism in youth football: AS Kinder Brașov

⚽️ The most consistent goalkeeper: Tomoioaga Cosmin from CFR Timisoara

⚽️ The footballer with the perfect execution: Ianis Florin Maravela from Kinder Brasov.

⚽️ The most technical central midfielder: David Miricā from Suporter Club Otelul Galati

⚽️ “Bānel Nicolitā 2” prize: Andrei Cursaru from CS Junior Tāndārei

⚽️ “Perfect dribbler” award: Vātāselu Eric

⚽️ “10 grade midfielder”: Berdila Albert from Suporter Club Otelul Galati

⚽️ The “Junior with the greatest potential of his generation” award: Luca Tiba from CFR Timisoara

⚽️ The “Follower of Helmut Duckadam” award: Sabadas Ianis-Raul from Viitorul Zalāu club

⚽️ “Follower of Ilie Balaci”;

Alex Purcaru.

⚽️ Excellence and Performance in youth football: Kevin and Kasian Popa

⚽️ “Paulo Dybala from Romania” award: Baciu Razvan Eduard from Academy 82 Iasi

⚽️ “Footballer with the most safety on the field” award: Dragos Istrate from CS Junior Academy Tāndarei

⚽️ “The most elegant football player in style of play” award: Cristian Ayan from Kinder Brasov

⚽️ Best scorer: Savin Luca Andrei from LPS

German stone

⚽️ The best player from the Diaspora: David Constantinescu from England

⚽️ The most tenacious and ambitious footballer: Ardelean David Andrei

from the Viitorul Zalāu Sports Club

⚽️ The most versatile footballer: Matei Spiridon aka the Captain

from Academy 82 Iasi

⚽️ “Immense football talent” award: Dan Stefan Spataru / FC Brasov

⚽️ “The best passer in the Championship” award: Stelea Mathias, from CFR Timisoara

⚽️ “Messi from Romania – Revelation of 2022” award: Eric Mazilu from the Udinese Romania Academy

⚽️ The “Prize of today’s football” trophy: Dinu Gabriel from the Ciprian Dinu Football School

⚽️ The “Footballer with generic TV goals” award: Vasilca Serban from the Cristian Ciocoiu Football Academy in Bacau

⚽️ “Scorer of the Gala” award: Angelo Catanā from FCM Bacau

⚽️ “Messi of Brasov” award: Patrik Nastea from ACS Kinder Brasov

⚽️ “Karim Benzema of Romania” Award: Szabo Raul Cristian

The Gala of Champions is the First Gala in Romania dedicated to young footballers, Academies and Football Schools, prominent personalities in Romanian football, but also professionals with the most important activities and professions dedicated to children and teenagers in Romania.

A king of performance and excellence, all in one concept: the Gala of Champions

Kids Trophy Champions Gala – The first Gala in Romania for talented children who excel in sports, music, arts, fashion. The year 2023 is the year of unity and repositioning the value of those who know and can inspire the community, actively contributing to the development of our society and becoming true models for their country.

Partners of the Gala of Champions: Hotel Aro Palace Brasov, Liquor Tobacco, Boromir, La Republique by Gabriela Urse, Apa Kangen Brașov, representative Mădălina Sandru, DO Security, Nausica Mircea, ROCA by Andrei Roca, PPD Kronstadt Security Sistems, Lora Pan Bakery & Pastry, AdTeam advertising agency, Luiza Tante Traditional Confectionery & Pastry, Cotimanis Show by Florina Marcuta, Teodor Boghiu HairDresser, Omul cu Camera, EF Events Media, MD Film Makers, Photo Media Events



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