The young woman was the only employee in the game room and was a safe victim for the attacker. The images on the surveillance cameras helped the police to identify the man.

Young woman robbed and raped in broad daylight

Claudiu Loghin – Observer reporter: Everything happened at lunchtime, in this game room, in the municipality of Brașov. The author took advantage of the fact that both the shop window and the entrance to the game room are opaque, and from the outside you could not see anything of what was happening inside.

Witness: He came, raped her, as I understand it, and stole her money.

Local woman: It could happen, because you see how they camouflaged it and it can’t get in, no one has access to go in there. Normal, beyond the door do you know what’s going on? You do not know.

The suspect, caught and detained for 24 hours

Investigators have not released data on the victim’s health. The young woman was threatened with death by the aggressor if she told about the incident.

Prosecutor Radu Nastac, spokesperson for the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Brașov Court: He entered an area inaccessible to the public, in an area where he would have had sexual relations without the consent of the injured person. Later, through coercion, a sum of money was allegedly stolen from the cashier of the gaming hall, the amount has not yet been clarified. It is estimated around 10 to 15 thousand lei.

The suspect was caught and is being detained for 24 hours, being investigated for rape, aggravated robbery and influencing statements.

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