Christmas and New Year are fast approaching, and Romanians are looking for accommodation for a few nights during this period. Poiana Brașov is the most expensive, but also the most sought-after resort when it comes to the cold season. Although it is a major tourist center, the prices for organizing a party here are becoming less and less affordable. Tourists have to take out colossal amounts of money from their pockets to celebrate the passing of the years in Valea Prahova. Bigger even than a holiday in Dubai.

At Poiana Brașov, the offers offered by the HoReCa owners are astonishing. Just for a few nights of accommodation on New Year’s Eve, Romanians will have to pay double prices compared to previous years, according to an analysis by Certainly, many tourists will not be able to afford to go here at the end of the year.

Costs differ, of course, depending on the facilities available to customers. In general, for a few nights of accommodation at hotels in Poiana Brașov, tourists must pay between 7,080 lei and 15,306.1 lei. These prices are for four nights’ accommodation only and offer everything above, but the prices are higher than Dubai hotels.

Poiana Brașov, more expensive than Dubai. How much does it cost to stay here on New Year’s Eve?

As I have already said, the prices for four nights of accommodation, on New Year’s Eve, in Poiana Brașov vary between 7,080 and 15,306.1 lei. An offer for two adults and two children at a three-star hotel (four nights’ accommodation) costs a minimum of 7,080 lei. Of course, the costs can be even higher.

Meanwhile, seven nights’ accommodation in Dubai, including airfare, at a three-star hotel costs around 3,100 lei per person. The same package, at a four-star hotel, costs around 4,400 lei per person.

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