Located in the heart of the historic center of the city, Radisson Blu Aurum Brașov opened in October on the site of the former Telephone Palace on Bd. Eroilor in Brașov. The old building, built in the 1930s and in an advanced state of decay, has been rehabilitated and transformed into an attractive destination that integrates visual elements and stories from the city’s history in a sophisticated space with premium finishes and services.

The hotel already attracts tourists from the United States, Great Britain, the Middle East or Germany, but also a large number of Romanian tourists who visit Brașov for business or leisure.

With 110 elegant rooms, a restaurant with Asian eclecticism, a tasting room that houses a fragment of the old citadel of Brașov that is over 400 years old, an executive lounge with a panoramic view, a conference room with a capacity of 170 people and facilities for the Wellnessthe Radisson Blu Aurum Brașov hotel is a destination that combines contemporary design with premium finishes, harmonized with details from the history of Brașov.

The hotel’s current team includes 70 people, which will increase to 100 in the first months of next year.

Past and future, in a destination for generations

The hotel was built with the objective of becoming an attraction in itself in Brașov. The wall of the old fortress discovered in the basement has been enhanced and is also visible from the outside, through a glass ceiling. The entire design of the hotel combines visual elements specific to the citadel and the goldsmiths’ guild, which inspired the name and concept of Radisson Blu Aurum.

We were actively involved in every detail of the hotel, to create a setting that combines history with contemporary style in a unique way. For the images in the rooms, for example, we worked with a fashion designer to create a unique dress, inspired by the towers of the Brașov fortress, and we reproduced jewelry in the style of those manufactured by Brașov goldsmiths in the 19th century. XVI. When we discovered the fortress wall during the works we decided to modify the whole project to enhance it and make it accessible to tourists. Almost every corner of this hotel can tell a story, and it is the stories that will increase its value over generations –says Ramona Neamțu, owner of Radisson Blu Aurum Brașov.

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Romanians are looking for 5-star experiences: in October, 80% of hotel guests are Romanian

In the first month of operation, in the Radisson Blu Aurum hotel, the first international brand hotel in the center of Brașov, 80% of the tourists were Romanian. For the first year of operation, estimates show an average occupancy rate of 65-70% and an equal split between Romanian and foreign guests. Accommodation prices start at 125 euros/night, but the annual average will be 165 euros/night.

Regardless of nationality, our guests seek service of an exceptional standard of quality, and the Radisson Blu franchise and everything our hotel offers supports this philosophy of personalized, superior service. The Artis restaurant offers a sophisticated menu, the rooms combine technology with classic elegance and historical inspiration. We want Brașov to become a renowned destination for both Romanian and foreign tourists –says Anca Cristea, General Manager of Radisson Blu Aurum Brașov, an executive with 18 years of experience in the hotel industry in Romania.

3 restaurants, private lounge and a unique view

In addition to accommodation, among the five-star experiences that tourists can access at Radisson Blu Aurum Brașov are wine and whiskey tastings in the tasting room and in the skybar with a panoramic view, visiting the wall of the Brașov fortress discovered during the works and put into use in the basement lounge of the hotel, as well as relaxing in the wellness and massage area.

For the business environment, the hotel offers the conference and event hall with a capacity of 170 people and the executive lounge, which can host management meetings or creative meetings.

The Artis restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel offers an eclectic Asian culinary concept with local influences. In the skybar and in the tasting room, private events can be organized, as well as tastings with the wine or whiskey sommelier.

For the winter of 2022-2023, in the context of proximity to the most popular ski area in Romania, Radisson Blu Aurum offers accommodation packages complete with sophisticated experiences. The hotel provides a transfer to Poiana Brașov for ski enthusiasts, and on Christmas and New Year’s Eve organizes culinary and artistic experiences.

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