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It will be the 11th final in the history of the World Cup, out of a total of 22 editions, which will be contested between a team from Europe and one from South America.

Surprisingly or not, the South Americans have a clear advantage against the Europeans in the last act of the competition. The score is 7-3, with Brazil’s five wins and Argentina’s two.

South America, advantage over Europe

When they met a South American country in the World Cup final, the Europeans encountered real problems. Only two countries managed to impose themselves: Germany/West Germany and France.

  • Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Italy and the Netherlands admitted defeat in the last act against the South Americans.

History of World Cup Finals between South America and Europe:

  • WC 1958 (Sweden): Brazil – Sweden 5-2
  • WC 1962 (Chile): Brazil – Czechoslovakia 3-1
  • WC 1970 (Mexico): Brazil – Italy 4-1
  • WC 1978 (Argentina): Argentine – Netherlands 3-1 d. prel.
  • WC 1986 (Mexico): Argentine – West Germany 3-2
  • WC 1990 (Italy): West Germany – Argentina 1-0
  • WC 1994 (USA): Brazil – Italy 3-2 pen.
  • WC 1998 (France): France – Brazil 3-0
  • WC 2002 (South Korea and Japan): Brazil – Germany 2-0
  • WC 2014 (Brazil): Germany – Argentina 1-0 prel.

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