Russian President Vladimir Putin will not even hold his annual speech in the Russian parliament in 2022, after canceling his marathon press conference that he usually holds in December, TASS writes, citing a parliamentary source.

Vladimir Putin during a speechPhoto: Alexandr Demyanchuk / AFP / Profimedia Images

“The message should happen once a year and the countdown starts from the previous message. Therefore, the message may take place next year (…) I think this year it will not take place”, says the source quoted by the most famous Russian state press agency.

The TASS interlocutor also noted that it is necessary for Vladimir Putin to “seriously prepare for the message, and there is not much time left until the end of the year.”

According to the Constitution of Russia, the president “addresses the Federal Assembly (not the official name of the Russian parliament) with annual messages about the situation in the country, about the main directions of the state’s internal and external policy.”

TASS recalls that in these speeches the head of state traditionally presents his assessment of the situation in the country and outlines his goals for the future.

Asked earlier about the matter, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained that the presidential administration would adapt to Putin’s schedule, which he said was “very dynamic, because the situation is dynamic.”

Last month, Peskov stated that the text had been in the works for a long time. In most cases, the messages were announced every year, but there were exceptions. For example, Putin did not address the parliament in 2017 (the speech was postponed until March 1 of the following year).

Putin will not talk to the press this year either

The information published by TASS comes after the Kremlin confirmed earlier this week that Putin will not hold his famous annual marathon press conference for the first time in 10 years.

“As for the big press conference, yes, there won’t be one until the new year,” Dmitry Peskov told Kremlin-credentialed journalists after being asked again on Monday about the matter.

Peskov offered no justification for the decision, saying only that “we hope the president will still find an opportunity to talk to journalists. He does this regularly, including when traveling abroad.”

Last year, at the annual press conference, Vladimir Putin spoke to the press for more than four hours, declaring then that he wants to avoid conflict with Ukraine and the West, but asking for guarantees for Russia’s security.

“You should give us guarantees. You! And without any delay! Now!” the Russian president said in response to a question from Sky News.

His claims came a week after the Russian Foreign Ministry sent a formal request to Western countries in this regard, among Moscow’s demands being the withdrawal of NATO troops from Eastern Europe.

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