The decision to refuse the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen is not correct and undermines the European principles of solidarity and unity,” said Bulgarian President Rumen Radev according to

The conversation initiated by Charles Michel refers to the preparation of the ordinary meeting of the European Council, which will take place on December 15, as well as the EU-ASEAN summit on December 14. In the two forums in Brussels, Bulgaria will be represented by the Bulgarian head of state.

On the occasion of the expected discussion between European leaders regarding the expansion of the Schengen area, President Radev declared that it is unacceptable to establish additional requirements for accession, such as the link to the rule of law, which are not part of the objective admission criteria.

In connection with the increase in the flow of migration to Europe, the president declared that the effective reform of the Schengen system should include the accession of countries located on the European external border, and not their blocking, according to

“Efforts on the front line must be strengthened”, urged Rumen Radev and declared that our country continues to invest significant financial and human resources for border security. The head of state expressed his hope that the issue of expanding the Schengen area will continue to be a priority during the Swedish presidency of the EU Council, which begins in January next year.

In relation to the future discussion on energy issues, President Rumen Radev stated that the possibility of expanding natural gas transport networks for access to additional resources, especially liquefied gas terminals, should be discussed with EU partners.


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Publication date: 13-12-2022 07:13

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