The children’s nightmare began last night. Constantin Zapan came to their mother’s door and convinced her that other children were also participating in the meal he was preparing. The 42-year-old promised the woman that they would not stay for more than two hours. The man apparently had other plans.

Police Commissioner Alina-Maria IVAN IPJ Brașov: The two minors did not return home, and the man in question stopped answering the phone, the mother alerted the police. The Child Abduction Alert mechanism was triggered, setting up the crisis cell. Extensive searches were launched.

Several crews from Brasov and Prahova counties were mobilized and filters were organized. The cars were stopped in traffic and searched. Not even 8 hours after the alert was given, the police tracked down the individual in Valea Călugărească, near Ploiesti, almost 100 km from the girls’ home.

The sisters were in the back seat, crying and scared. The man was immediately handcuffed and taken for questioning. A psychologist was called in to help the children tell what happened in the last 24 hours.

The children were allegedly sexually assaulted by the kidnapper

According to Observator sources, the girls were allegedly sexually assaulted. The man was registered in the register of sexual aggressors. In the past, he was sentenced to ten years in prison for having sex with a minor, but served only half of the sentence.

In 2020, he was released on parole. The people registered in the register of predators have the obligation to go to the police at least once every three months, to record the people they come into contact with and all the places they frequent.

The suspect, interviewed at the Police headquarters

The man is in police custody and is due to be questioned. The charge under which the investigations are being carried out is unlawful deprivation of liberty, according to the Observatory. The mother of the two little girls will also be interviewed at the IPJ Brașov headquarters in connection with what happened.

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