MEP Rareş Bogdan (PNL) stated, on Tuesday evening, that erecting a fence on the border between Bulgaria and Turkey will not solve the problem of migration in Europe, he pointed out that 1,000 migrants pass through the fences erected by Hungary every day.

Rares Bogdan also stated that he expects Austria to be forced to change its attitude regarding Schengen and that he also expects the current Austrian government to lose power, according to News.

In an intervention on Digi24, Tuesday evening, Rareş Bogdan emphasized that President Klaus Iohannis will discuss three scenarios regarding Romania’s accession to Schengen.

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Klaus Iohannis

“Yesterday, the President of Romania announced that he will speak during the day on Wednesday about 3 scenarios, 3 possibilities, 3 strategies. His lordship will probably make these statements before the start of the Council or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow morning. I think today was more than just dressing a wound that hurts, hurts bad. It was a matter that shows extremely clearly that 25 European states, plus Romania, support our country. The fact that no speaker from Germany, Sweden, Holland, Poland or Italy supported Austria’s position in any way”, declared Rareş Bogdan.

The MEP also stated that the walls will not solve the problem of migration.

“I don’t think fences will solve Europe’s problem”

“The fact that data related to the walls is thrown into the public space, not even the Chinese managed to stop the attack on China with a great wall. Even Trump did not succeed much with the Mexicans, and at the fence that Viktor Orban built, 1,000 migrants cross to Europe every day, so I don’t think fences will solve Europe’s problem. Neither European solidarity nor European cohesion.

And what the Romanians are doing, what the Romanian press is doing, what it did today in the European Parliament with this additional pressure, I think it is an extremely healthy matter, because, on the one hand, it shows the antibodies it has Romania, on the other hand, shows that we are not willing to accept absolutely anything, anything, any fixed idea of ​​a politician in the rush for votes. On the Balkan corridor Macedonia Bosnia Herzegovina – Croatia.

More than 1,500 migrants pass through Slovenia every day, unlike the corridor of the Eastern Balkans, i.e. Bulgaria-Romania, where their number is below 100, so it doesn’t count,” said Rareş Bogdan.

He added that no one expected the Romanians’ reaction after they were rejected for joining Schengen.

“I expect a fall of the government in Austria”

“They voted with 2 hands for the expansion of the Schengen Area. If the Schengen Area had to be reformed, then they cannot proceed with 2 measures. They had one measure in the case of Croatia and a different measure in the case of Romania. No one expected that – from the Romanian citizen, who is not a passport holder, but feels this gesture as an injustice done to his country, our country, to the Romanian press, which allocates ample space, to the Romanian politicians, they almost totally condemn the gesture”, said Bogdan.

The liberal MEP is of the opinion that Austria will be forced to change its attitude.

“Austria is the state in the European Union where the economy most strongly influences the political. No government in 32 years in Romania has been influenced in the manner in which the governments in Vienna are influenced by politicians.

There the custom is like former ministers of finance, ministers of economy, ministers, transports, chancellor, presidents. After finishing his work in politics, he joined supervisory boards, boards of directors of Austria’s big corporations.

7% of Austria’s GDP comes from companies doing business in Romania. Do not think that the reaction of these companies was not very strong. Following these reactions, I expect that Austria will be forced to change its attitude, and I expect something more. I expect that Austria’s gesture will even lead to a fall of the government in Austria and to a loss of the current power by Karl Nehammer”, said Rareş Bogdan.


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Publication date: 13-12-2022 22:33

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