Banca Comercială Română together with Vodafone, as a technology partner, and the Upgrade 100 team are organizing a new IQ DIGITAL Summit event, on November 15, in Brașov, in the Great Hall of the Sică Alexandrescu Theatre. The IQ DIGITAL Summit is one of the largest business and technology events taking place this year in Brașov and brings together experts in strategy and business scenarios for the future, digitalization leaders and a suite of local experts and entrepreneurs. Access to the event is free, subject to availability, based on registration in the dedicated section on the Brașov IQ DIGITAL by U100 & George event page (

During IQ DIGITAL Summit Brașov, Andreas Ekstrom, Swedish consultant and writer, will talk about what business transformation means in the midst of an unprecedented information revolution, and futurologist Matthew Griffin, nicknamed “The Consultant of Consultants”, will bring the newest hypotheses to the stage and solutions to democratize access to the benefits of the future. Also, Allen Coliban, the mayor of Brașov and Sabin Sărmaș, the president of the Commission for Information and Communications Technology in the Chamber of Deputies will be interviewed by e-government expert Radu Puchiu, in a session dedicated to the technological future of Brașov.

Iulian Stanciu, one of the most appreciated entrepreneurs in e-commerce, distribution and electro-IT retail in Romania, Sergiu Manea – CEO of BCR, Achilleas Kanaris – CEO of Vodafone Romania will also be present on the stage of the second edition of IQ DIGITAL Summit , as well as the leaders of companies with a local footprint and IT experts, who will discuss the digital transformation of the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Every interaction we have with the business environment in Romania is, for me and my colleagues from BCR, an opportunity to offer a future perspective and to discuss digitalization as a fundamental tool for business scaling. Moreover, every meeting with local entrepreneurs is a moment of inspiration, which shows us that there is intelligence, courage, creative resilience and the desire to build a sustainable business environment with solid foundations.

IQ DIGITAL Summit gives us the opportunity to bring together entrepreneurs, companies, authorities, strategic management experts and IT consultants to discuss the solutions and initiatives through which the business environment in Romania creates change in society. We are happy to arrive in Brașov and have the opportunity to open the dialogue with the local community about relevance in the value chain, about innovation and technology, but also about the contribution of collaboration in a functional economy”, he declared Sergiu Manea, CEO of the Romanian Commercial Bank.

“We aim to present the trends in technology and digitization to entrepreneurs, to reflect together how spectacular and dynamic the digital future can be. Vodafone is a leader in communications and technology and we have solutions to support the business ecosystem in Romania. The future of 5G, Open Ran and artificial intelligence are part of the new paradigm. Digitization and integrated plans of digital and technology solutions are vital, as is choosing a reliable partner. We believe in and support real solutions, personalized developments and value-added services to be a true technological partner of Romanians, whether we are talking about individual needs, the family, the business environment or society in general”, he declared Achilleas Kanaris, CEO of Vodafone Romania.

The IQ DIGITAL concept was thought up by the Upgrade 100 team together with George – a BCR innovation, as an informative and educational hybrid media format, with content that combines digital culture with techniques from television, intended to help solve the challenges encountered in digitization processes with faced by entrepreneurs in the SME sector in Romania.

“IQ DIGITAL is a remarkable concept from several points of view: it’s the first time that a major company, the size of BCR, gets involved not just as a partner, but as a real co-producer from the very beginning, and it’s the first time that a project of this kind leaves Bucharest and heads towards the big cities of the country. It is also the first time that we have a complex hybrid media concept on the market: online, TV, digital publishing, events and in the future, probably, with other variations. It’s not just an event. The fact that from this third edition we also have Vodafone as a tech partner gives us hope that we will build around IQ DIGITAL many things of value for the entrepreneurial environment passionate about technology, in the long term, together with great partners who share the vision and values ​​that we promote them. The reactions of the target audience encourage us: we are on the right track”, he declared Dragoș Stanca, founder of the Upgrade 100 platform and organizer of the former international festival iCEE.fest.

After the success of the first season, which was attended by over 30 experts and opinion leaders from the tech area, which reached over 150,000 Romanian entrepreneurs interested in digitization, BCR together with Upgrade 100 decided to expand to a series of events dedicated to large communities local tech and IT professionals. Thus, the first IQ DIGITAL Summit took place in Iași, in May, and gathered over 700 participants.

Starting with the IQ DIGITAL Summit event in Brașov, the project is joined by Vodafone Romania, as a technology partner. Access to the event on November 15 is free, within the limit of available seats in the Great Hall of the Sică Alexandrescu Theater in Brașov, based on an application available here: Brașov IQ DIGITAL by U100 & George ( ).

More information about the event agenda here:

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