In the middle of the session, some students pack their bags to go on vacation. And not anywhere, but across the ocean, where they will visit the United States, but they will also work for quite a bit of money. They achieve this through the Work and Travel programs offered year after year to young people from universities. Some have been in the past years, and because the money won was a lot and the experiences were unforgettable, they still go now.

Alexandra Brebe last summer he ticked off his first experience across the Ocean, from where he returned with a lot of memories. The young student spent her vacation in Salt Lake City where she worked two jobs to earn her pocket money.

“- It was an experience that matured me as a person. For the first time in my life I was able to be independent for three and a half months, away from my family.
– About how much money did you return or how much did you manage to make there?
– About 10 thousand dollars, something like that, and I came home with about 3,000, I spent it on all kinds of things, I went to concerts”, says Alexandra.

These days, the young woman is packing her bags again. He will still end up in the United States, but in a place he’s dreamed of for a long time.

“In about three days I’m going to California. I’ve always wanted to go there and I’m very excited, I’ll be close to the beach and maybe I’ll take advantage of my free time more than last time.”

Among those who will live a similar experience are Vlad Chelaruwho will go to America for the first time.

“I will work at the job I found and together with the friends I will go there with we will probably visit the area around the city of Orlando, the tourist attractions.”

Filip Gut he arrived on American soil only a few days ago and he is downright delighted with what he found there. The Polytechnic student will work as a cook’s helper.

“It’s super cool, it’s like it’s much warmer than here, I mean the temperature doesn’t say that, but the atmosphere is different, it’s ocean air. I wanted to experience something new and practice my English with people who speak fluently here, from a life.”

In order to work overseas, students must meet several conditions: be enrolled in a state or private college, in day courses, be between 18 and 30 years old and know English. In addition, they have to cover their departure expenses which amount to around $3,000.

Reporter: Anca Deac
Operator: Constantin Gheorghiţă
Web editor: Adrian Laboş

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