A unique street in Romania could regain its former charm with the help of the seaside community.

The pedestrian thoroughfare is narrow and competes with “Strada Sforii” in Brașov. It has been the filming location for several film productions over the years.

Since most of the buildings on one side and the other of the street are dilapidated, the Greek community in Constanța, as well as other locals, decided to join hands to buy the materials needed for renovation.

Narrow and dull from time to time, Strada Vântului makes a separate note in the landscape of the city by the sea. It is guarded by houses with personality, built since the 19th century.

Strada Vântului in Constanța is a unique pedestrian thoroughfare, it is only 2 meters wide. It now looks unkempt due to the buildings being in an advanced state of decay.

Woman: “As a memory, it gives me pleasant nostalgia, but it sure looks damaged.”

Woman: “I have a dog that I walk, it’s true, I pass by, but I watch where I step.”

Anton Antoniadis – the president of the Greek community in Constanța: “Look at this street, compare it with any street like this in Europe, any city by the sea that breathes salty air from this Europe, this street is a beauty or sorry it will be a beauty with our effort”.

The Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen would have mentioned this street in one of his works, locals say. And scenes from two film productions were filmed here. It is about the sci-fi thriller “What happened to Monday” and the Romanian film “Inimi cicatraziate”. At the time of my grandparents, the street was the border between the Greek and the Armenian quarters of Constanța.

Diana Slav – tourist guide: “I bring the Romanian tourists as well just to show that we have this story and everyone likes it, and the foreign tourists, I also have many from this side, I photograph that they are fascinated by the potential that this street has because obviously the comparison will be made with Greece and Italy”.

Including the two buildings placed on the list of historical monuments are in an advanced street of decay. The plaster has fallen off and the walls are painted with graffiti.

Ionuț Rusu – the vice-mayor of Constanţa: “Let’s make all the infrastructure available to see how we can help them from a legal point of view and let’s fit this into another much bigger project to beautify the city of Constanța, starting with the old area”.

Of the 6 dilapidated buildings, two have been proposed for rehabilitation, but it is not known when the renovation could begin.

Four belong to the local government and two are mixed ownership.

Source: Pro TV

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Publication date: 19-02-2022 08:04

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