An unprecedented protest took place on Tuesday in Piaţa Sfatului in Braşov, where several dozen people, patrons and employees of the restaurants in this area, sat down on the floor, on blankets and, as a sign of protest for the abolition of the terraces, ate in this kind of the products they brought.

The demonstration is the result of a decision by the Brasov local forum, which established that, during the Christmas Fair, no terrace will operate in the “zero” area of ​​the city.

Even if the events scheduled for the Winter Holidays were supposed to end on January 15, patrons of some restaurants in Piaţa Sfatului claim that the executive of the City Hall told them that the terraces in this area will only be reopened “in the spring”.

They argue that without terraces they will have fewer customers and thus will have losses and will have to look for solutions to reduce costs, including sending some employees into technical unemployment.

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