Giorgia Meloni, the expected head of the future Italian government, estimated on Friday that Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions “has no legal or political value” and would prove that Vladimir Putin “threatens” European security, reports France Presse.

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“The declaration of the annexation of four Ukrainian regions to the Russian Federation after the mock referendums that took place under a violent military occupation has no legal or political value,” she said in a statement, informs Agerpres.

Vladimir “Putin demonstrates once again his neo-imperialist vision of the Soviet character that threatens the security of the entire European continent,” added the head of the post-fascist Fratelli d’Italia (FdI) party, which together with its allies won Sunday’s legislative elections.

“This new violation by Russia of the rules of coexistence between nations confirms the need for Western democracies to be united and welded,” Ms. Meloni concluded.

Giorgia Meloni would succeed Mario Draghi in the coming weeks, who has given strong support to Ukraine, including by sending weapons and sanctions against Russia since the beginning of the war.

According to the quoted source, although Giorgia Meloni is rather Eurosceptic, she supported Draghi’s line on Ukraine, while his possible future allies in the government, far-right League leader Matteo Salvini and former right-wing prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, they have long had close ties with Moscow.

The leaders of the 27 EU member states “rejected” and “condemned” on Friday the “illegal annexation” by Russia of four Ukrainian regions (Donetsk, Lugansk /east/, Kherson and Zaporozhye /south/) in a statement, in which accuses Moscow of endangering “world security”, according to AFP and Reuters.

“We do not and will never recognize the illegal ‘referendums’ that Russia organized as a pretext for this new violation of the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, nor the falsified and illegal results. We will never recognize this illegal annexation,” states the statement of the leaders of the 27 member states of the EU bloc.

“These decisions are null and void. Crimea, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Lugansk belong to Ukraine,” the 27 added.

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