Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas accused Vladimir Putin of theft and called on the EU to step up sanctions, including a gas price cap.

Kallas says it’s important to look at the extent of Russia’s “illegal annexation”.

“Russia will announce that approximately 20% of the territory of Ukraine is annexed to Russia. It is an area of ​​108,800 km2 – this is comparable to Austria and Belgium combined. Or Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands combined. Or 30% of Germany. Or the size of the Republic of Korea. If you add Crimea to this, the territory is comparable to three Belgiums and the Netherlands combined. And about 40% from Germany. And let’s call things as they are: Russia is trying to rewrite the map of Europe. It is a land grab. It’s a steal. Putin hopes to add legitimacy to his invasion by taking this step. The international community will never recognize (the annexation, ed.)”, declared the Prime Minister of Estonia on Twitter.

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