The Minister of the Environment, Tánczos Barna, announced on Thursday the publication on the ministry’s website of a draft order proposing the “immediate” elimination of brown bear specimens that attack humans.

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“On September 22, (…) we published on the Ministry’s website a new draft ministerial order by which we propose the immediate elimination of brown bear specimens that attack humans, because it is impermissible that, if the life human life is put at risk, when an incident like this has already occurred, to wait for weeks until the derogation is approved”, said the minister, in a message sent to Sinaia.

According to him, 12 European states “blatantly” demanded the modification of the European legislation regarding the management of the brown bear and wolf population.

“There are 12 European states that have explicitly requested, concretely, the modification of the Habitats Directive regarding the management of the wolf and brown bear population, because there are 12 member states where these large carnivores generate more and more conflicts in the relationship with the population from these countries, in the relationship with the farmers, in terms of the man-bear relationship, in the man-wolf relationship or those damages that push forward these proposals, these measures that must be taken at the European level”, said Tánczos Barna.

He expressed his belief that solutions will be found to reduce attacks and “conflicts” between humans and bears.

“The Ministry, for the first time, pays all compensations up to date in order to reduce the other pressure, the one on farmers who are affected by bear attacks, by the damage caused by these wild animals. We need to get back to a balanced situation and the ministry is working on this. We are convinced that we will find solutions by which we will be able to reduce the effects, we will reduce the number of attacks, we will reduce the number of conflicts between humans and bears”, the Minister of the Environment also stated.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests launched, in Sinaia, the media campaign to inform and raise awareness among the general public regarding the conservation of the brown bear population in Romania.

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