The residents of the residential neighborhood do not have peace during the day or at night. And the ordeal has been going on for quite some time already.

Local: Last year, every night, there was a long period of time when we were jammed. The music was so incredibly loud that I couldn’t even do my work well.

Local: The problems started last year, in the summer. I understand that it was the first summer since the mall opened. So it is under any criticism, so even with the windows and doors closed you can hear everything that happens in the house. Like it or not, listen to what they were saying.

People say it’s not a matter of musical taste, but a problem with the high volume of the music on the terrace of the mall.

Local: I’m bothered by the noise, the loud music. Put some screens to limit this noise.

Local: I don’t think it’s normal right in the middle of the city, in a neighborhood of tenants, to organize events like this that disturb the others, who don’t want to be participants.

The response of the authorities

What are the disturbed locals doing? Complaints, from last summer. What are the authorities doing? The Directorate of Public Health shrugs its shoulders, because it does not have a sound level meter and is not qualified to measure noise pollution. The Local Police and the Romanian Police ascertain the facts and issue fines. The height of irony is that the terrace is just a stone’s throw from the police headquarters.

Anemona Hermeneanu, commercial complex marketing director: This question, with louder or slower music, I think is relative, for each of us. We have taken measurements, even since last year, and we are trying to fit into these scales. And people are unhappy, though. I have absolutely no opinion on this.

Claudiu Loghin, Observer reporter: We are at the corner of the building where the main office of the Brașov County Police Inspectorate operates. Not even 100 meters from where we are filming, the concert is in full swing. And applications for monitoring the noise level indicate an average of 83 decibels in the last few minutes.

Principal agent, Nadia Olaru, spokesperson IPJ Brașov: From the beginning of 2022, until now, at the level of the Brașov police, police department 1, four calls made through the single emergency call 112 were recorded, which had as their object the volume of music, as a result of the organization of parties or festivals at the level of a commercial company in the municipality of Braşov.

The police imposed fines in the amount of 3,500 lei, but the problem was not solved. People say they are still terrorized by music played too loud.

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