Britain’s Department of the Environment and the beekeeping association have warned Britons to be careful, as Asian wasps have been spotted.

Such insects have been observed in Chelmsford, Essex. The Natural History Museum reported that these insects could eat the bees.

Bee expert Gavin Broad told the Independent that these wasps sit outside the bees’ hives and attack them when they are leaving or about to enter the hives, according to the Daily Mail.

Nicola Spence, chief plant and bee health officer at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said people need to be alert and take swift and effective action to deal with the threat of Asian wasps.
“We are therefore working quickly to locate and investigate any nests in the area following this confirmed sighting,” he said.

Although Asian wasps pose no greater threat to human health than European wasps, anyone who spots one is urged to report it to the UK government.

This species of wasp was first spotted in Europe in 2004 and is believed to have entered the country via a shipment of goods from East Asia. They are suspected to have decimated the bee population in France and have since spread to neighboring countries.

Source: Daily Mail

Publication date: 28-09-2022 21:02

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