From Monday until mid-October, Bucharest will be the host of a large-scale telecommunications summit. There are 3,200 delegates who will arrive from all over the world and 70 ministers.

Discussions about artificial intelligence, cyber security or the cities of the future will be held at the Parliament Bed. Spaces in the huge building are now being redeveloped, which has upset some elected officials. “Looks like the bazaar,” they commented.

Starting from Monday, elected officials will no longer have access to some areas of the Parliament Palace. The summit of the International Telecommunication Union, one of the oldest agencies of the United Nations, begins in Bucharest. The Minister of Digitization checks the works.

Sebastian-Ioan Burduja, Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization: “It is the biggest international event that Romania has organized, bigger than a NATO summit, and it is the first such event at the level of the International Telecommunications Union that has happened in Europe in the last 30 years”

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Worker: “Yes, we isolate isolate. Well, you don’t need a ceiling, I understand.”

Dănuţ Aelena, AUR deputy: “Some kind of offices are being built. You say he’s at the bazaar.”

Halls and lobbies in the building are being remodeled for the 3,200 participants from 193 countries, and offices are also being built for small meetings. The largest profile companies in the world, such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft or Elon Musk’s Space X, will be represented at the discussions. From Romania, Uipath and Bitdefender will participate.

The plenary hall of the elected representatives is being renovated, and part of the equipment will be able to be used after the summit.

Parliamentarians have always complained that they do not know what they are voting on and that bills should be displayed large in front of them. Well, this can happen. On the left and right it will write each project they are voting on, and in the middle the speaker will be shown. The television they will have from now on in the plenary hall is 15 m long and three m high.

For three weeks during the summit, elected officials will go to work only one day a week.

Ludovic Orban, unaffiliated deputy: “It seems to me a mockery of the citizen that the parliamentarians steal and quickly debate important projects.”

Maricel Popa, PSD senator: “It is an international event, on a world scale. No, we don’t come every day, because we also have committee work. For example, now the plenary was supposed to end at 13:00, I stayed until 14:10”.

In Bucharest, several resolutions will be adopted for the telecommunications market for the next four years, related to cyber security, the development of smart cities and artificial intelligence.

The guests have transport provided, some shows are prepared and they can go on trips to Brașov, Bran and Peleș. Approximately 143,000,000 lei are allocated from the state budget for this event.

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Publication date: 22-09-2022 20:30

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