President Volodymyr Zelensky said during his speech on Tuesday evening that the Ukrainian army continues to advance and recapture territories occupied by the Russians. Stabilization measures are also continuing in the areas liberated from Russian occupation.

Ukraine continues stabilization measures in areas liberated from Russian occupation. PHOTO Profimedia

“We continue the stabilization measures in the areas freed from Russian occupation. Russian atrocities are recorded – people show where the occupiers had torture chambers, where they hid the bodies of those killed, testify about who helped the occupiers. I am grateful to all the police officers involved in establishing the truth about the crimes of the occupiers,” said Zelenski.

The Ukrainian president said that finding out the truth about what happened in the localities under Russian occupation is a colossal task, but it is necessary to punish those guilty of crimes against Ukrainians, reports

“The situation on the front line clearly indicates that the initiative belongs to Ukraine (…) More support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, more support for the intelligence services, more support for the Special Operations Forces, more support for the Service of Security of Ukraine, for the National Guard, for the police, for the border guards – for all those who are gradually restoring our territorial integrity,” Zelenskiy said.

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