NATO’s deputy general secretary, Mircea Geoană, writes on his Facebook page that the Alliance has taken into account the scenario in which the Kremlin’s rhetoric will escalate. “We remain calm and continue to provide support to Ukraine,” Geoana said.

Mircea Geoană says that NATO will continue to support Ukraine Photo: EPA-EFE

“President Putin’s speech clearly marks an escalation of the Kremlin’s political rhetoric, but it is not a surprise,” writes Mircea Geoană.

At the level of the leadership of the North-Atlantic Alliance, says the deputy general secretary of NATO, this scenario was taken into account “and we are fully prepared. That is why we remain calm and continue to provide support to Ukraine.”

According to Geoană, President Putin’s speech “proves, first of all, that the war is not proceeding according to Moscow’s plans. He made a big miscalculation – he thought he could take control of Ukraine in a few days. But the Russian offensive was stopped by the Ukrainian forces and now, in fact, the Ukrainians managed to liberate part of the territory that the Russian forces had occupied in the first months of the war”.

According to Geoană, any mobilization that will add to the number of troops and forces that the Russian Federation already has in theater will require considerable time and equipment. “And from what we have seen so far, the Russian troops are modestly equipped, they are deficient in terms of military logistics, and the proper command and control is extremely rudimentary, with poor results,” the official remarks.

The nuclear rhetoric that President Putin resorts to is dangerous and reckless, Geoana appreciates: “He knows very well that a nuclear war must never be fought and cannot be won, and it will have unprecedented consequences for Russia. Consequently, NATO has greatly increased its presence, particularly in the eastern part of the Alliance, to eliminate the potential for errors or misunderstandings in Moscow.”

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