The top holiday destinations preferred by Romanians. Lucian Bădîrcea, IRI Travel: The surprise of 2022. Discounts of up to 50% for summer 2023

Find out in the article which were the favorite destinations of Romanians this summer.

Although it was quite difficult, an economic crisis and price increases that reduced the money in our wallets, it seems that Romanians have not given up on vacations. At least this is what the data of the travel agency IRI Travel show us, which this year enjoyed a spectacular increase in bookings. Romanians chose three favorite destinations in particular for the summer of 2022: the Romanian coast, Bulgaria and Greece.

Top 3 destinations preferred by Romanians

“To make a retrospective of the 2022 summer season, I can say that the bookings started as early as December last year. They continued in a spectacular way from January until the second half of February. They stopped, in true, after February 24th, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and we had a period of stagnation in bookings until almost Easter. After May 1st, tourists understood that they could not stay without booking their vacations for 2022, and things got better somewhat settled and in the perception of this situation created by Russia and we had spectacular bookings. So in May and June we recovered what we lost in February (…).

Bulgaria, growth of over 40%

For Bulgaria we had an increase of over 40% compared to 2021. If last year we exceeded the figures of 2019, a reference year in tourism, 2021 was also a good year for us, but 2022 was a year with substantial growth . As the top of the resorts we had an increase of 36% for Golden Sands, 35% for Sunny Beach, Albena – 38%. Obzor over 30% and an important increase for Constantin and Elena, a resort close to the Golden Sands, of over 200%, also thanks to the fact that two very good hotels were built and opened in 2022.

Increases for the Romanian coast as well

For us, IRI Travel, and Romania, the Romanian coast, it meant growth. We had an increase of 65% compared to 2021. We know that on the Romanian market, in general, the Romanian coast was a little disadvantaged, but thanks to our serious way of organizing, we managed to increase the number of reservations by more than 65%. As an average price on the Romanian coast, in 2022 it was 180 lei per person per night, increasing by 8-10% compared to 2021, when the price was 170-175 lei per night. As for the numbers on the resorts, we had a 7% increase on Mamaia, Eforie Nord – 86%, Venus – 25%, Neptune – 53%, Jupiter – 30%, and for Saturn we had a spectacular increase, no believe me, we had a 357% increase.

“Greece was the surprise of 2022”

Coming to Greece, I can say that Greece was the surprise of 2022. We had an increase of over 200%, this is also due to the fact that the restrictions that were found in 2020-2021 were removed, and all the tourists who love Greece they chose to vacation there. The most booked destinations in Greece were Thasos, Halkidiki, Lefkada Islands, Kefalonia (…) So for us, IRI Travel, it was a good year, our best year since we were established 16 years ago. We are satisfied and have high expectations for what the next season means, the winter season, but also the 2023 summer season”, said Lucian Bădîrcea, general director of IRI Travel, during a press conference.

Offers for summer 2023. Discounts up to 50%

Those in the field of tourism expect Romanians to book their vacations in advance for next summer. They have a reason. If they book their holidays from October 2022, they can get discounts of up to 50%. Another advantage is the fact that they only pay a 10% advance, explains Lucian Bădîrcea.

“Speaking of 2023, we are waiting to launch the offers for next summer. In general, the vast majority of hotels, both in Romania, as well as in Bulgaria and Greece, starting from October 1, promote their early booking offers. There are hotels that will have during October-December this year for next summer discounts up to 50%.

We recommend, and tourists have a lot to gain, to launch their vacations immediately after the launch of the offers because they can get availability and accommodation at the hotel they want, during the period they want, they have discounts of up to 50%, and advances are minimal. Last year, in our negotiations with the hotels, the advances for early bookings were only 10%, and the difference of 90% was paid 10 days before entering the accommodation. That is, you book in October, you pay 10% and on August 1st you pay the difference and enter the accommodation on August 10th. It is very advantageous and tourists from Romania know about such offers and access them”, said Lucian Bădîrcea, general director of IRI Travel.

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