Racos Brasov. You can see images from the Moon as much as you want, but here in Racoș there is a strange, lunar landscape. You can imagine yourself walking on the Moon, between the Basalt Columns, at the Emerald Lake, in the brain of the extinct Volcano. A world like the moon. What makes stone beautiful, makes man hostile. Just today when the days of Racoș began: concert in the extinct volcano, delicacies, road to Bethlen Castle. Excursions to Rupea Citadel and the oldest tree in Romania, the Mercheașa oak. Another small and miraculous holiday: Racoș.

Giant People? Not. Racoș basalt cocoons, Brașov countyPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

Racoș is in the Festival

See schedule and discounts. The “Stone Day” festival, over the weekend, in Racoş

Racos Brasov. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is 384,400 km, and no one can get there without technology and buckets of money. The rascal is generous. From wherever you start from this country en Central Romania almost. About four or five hours of walking with whatever speed you have.

The moon seen from Earth looks like a button with sea and plain, with sea and with something hard, which keeps everything in balance. We know, scientifically, that they are actually pools of solidified basaltic lava. Our rock has the basalt columns, the emerald lake, the extinct volcano from an exclusive work of the Earth.

Whatever I say about the tectonic movements, whatever I say about the Earth’s struggles here you remain silent. How is that possible? The earth has this gift of not caring about our judgment, of slapping you with its way of being. Beyond human aesthetic criteria and schools of selfies. What makes the Earth beautiful makes it envious, makes Man hostile. Well, how can that be? Beyond human imagination, Racoș is enviable for its volcanic-extinguished Nature.

The emerald lake

A fairy tale like the one created at the Emerald Lake needs a castle.

Racoș Fortress. Rupea Fortress

And I don’t like big, huge castles like in Bran, or Peleș, or Hunedoara, these scare me. And like me, they are so neurotic, that I did not create the legend of Dracula for nothing. I like the little castles, the ones I can make out of cubes, out of Lego, which I can take care of, which I can water the flowers, hammer nails into the sashes, put a shawl under the doors under which the electricity runs in the winter.

I imagine how many times I see Racoș Citadel and the sister from Rupea that I make a fire in the fireplace, I pull up an armchair and I say over and over again the fairy tale “Youth without old age and life without death”, you know, the fairy tale in which you return from Paradise on Earth like a fool, looking for parents, friends, lovers and you find only your Death alive.

Racoș Fortress

Rupea Fortress

Immortality at Mercheașa

And if you want to complete yourself, run to Mercheașa. About a quarter of an hour from Racoș. The oak tree is worth seeing. The largest in Romania. Reach out, cling to this oak, listen to its heart. Do you understand it? Do you hear them? His heart beats at 900 years old. This is what Immortia looks like, unfortunately, it is not an antiaging cream:

Racoș Brașov: The basalt columns, the emerald lake, the extinct volcano / The earth is like the moon

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