Therefore, the business travel division, which represents over 65% of the sales volume, was the engine of the company in 2017 as well, with a 20% increase in the number of corporate clients, mostly operating in fields such as medical services, energy , consulting, retail, pharma, IT, etc. Also, the MICE division managed 25% more corporate events (team building, seminars, parties for employees or congresses) compared to 2016.

At the same time, in 2017, a 40% increase in the sales volume was recorded for Happy Tour Bulgaria, respectively over 200% for Happy Tour Turkey.

“As estimated, last year too we reached the proposed target of 10% in Romania, respectively 15% at group level, a constant and healthy growth of our business in an unpredictable market, constantly changing and easily influenced by any event negative. In 2018 we estimate a similar evolution and aim to consolidate the company, we want to develop new business lines and continue investing in online. In recent years, we have focused on optimizing the services offered to clients, leveraging more and more the partnership with FcM Travel Solutions, awarded for the seventh consecutive year as the best travel management company in the world”, says Javier Garcia del Valle, CEO and President of the Happy Tour board.

The leisure division maintained the growth trend of the company in 2017. The most requested holiday packages were for destinations such as Spain, Turkey and the Greek islands, after the first months of early bookings the trend is maintained in 2018. The average value of the tourist package purchased in 2017 was around 1,000 euros, up from the previous year. Disneyland Paris packages were also very popular for short stays.

In terms of domestic tourism, in 2017, the company recorded an increase of approximately 25% in demand for holidays in Romania, largely paid for with holiday vouchers. For this year, they estimate a 10% increase for tourist packages purchased with holiday vouchers, especially due to their granting, even in a fixed amount of 1,450 lei per person, to budget holders.

Happy Tour/FCM Travel Solutions, part of the GED Capital portfolio, has a network of 83 own and associated agencies, counting 94 points of sale, in 52 cities in Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova.

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