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A new consultation was held in Brașov on the subject of the controlled airspace of Brașov International Airport and flight procedures. At the request of Romatsa and the designer, Regional Air Suport from Bucharest, air operators and organizations that carry out flight activities in the Ghimbav area met.

According to the representatives of Regional Air Suport, agreements are to be concluded with the air operators regarding the use of the airspace related to the Ghimbav airport and the finalization of the flight procedures and the design of the airspace.

“We want our services to be agreed and approved by all those who currently carry out flight activities, including by the operators who will participate in the future in making flights from Brașov-Ghimbav International Airport; we are optimistic that, in a few weeks, their acceptance will be finalized, and after these steps, we are moving towards the completion of the final documentation “- said Roxana Elena Alupulesei, the designer’s representative.

This is the most complex approach carried out, so far, at the Braşov – Ghimbav International Airport, as it concerns a series of activities that involve a high degree of expertise: the design of conventional flight procedures, of satellite flight procedures, airspace design, operational procedures flight checks, signal propagation coverage studies, personnel licensing and training, weather and radio equipment commissioning, equipment certification, equipment integration, risk analysis and others.

Regional Air Suport from Bucharest awarded, at the end of last year, the public procurement contract regarding the provision of air navigation services at the Brașov – Ghimbav International Airport, a contract that concerns the design of airspace and instrument flight procedures. The value of the contract is 944,860 lei, and the implementation period is 12 months.

The Brașov airport is expected to be completed this year, and the first flights should take place starting next year. The project cost around 120 million euros.

In addition, the Government will analyze, in today’s meeting, the draft decision for the approval of the technical-economic indicators regarding the railway that would connect Brașov and the airport. The value of the investment, which would be realized in three years, is estimated at approximately 740 million lei, of which 540 million lei represents the value of the construction-assembly works.

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