Asia has reopened its doors to tourists, after a two-year break, and Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali (Indonesia), Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and India are again requested by Romanian tourists. The holiday packages start from 1,300 euros and can reach 7,340 euros, for a circuit in Australia – New Zealand – Tasmania, according to the data of the tour operator DAL Travel.

“After a long wait, tourists can finally enjoy the wonders offered by the Far East but also by Australia. In the last 15 years, Asia – especially the Far East, but also Australia, have become destinations of interest for Romanians with incomes from average to above. But in the last 2 years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of these countries have closed their borders to tourists or applied many restrictions”, according to consultants DAL Travel, a tour operator with premium tourism products, established in 2000 and a member of the National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT).

The company shows that the most sought-after destinations in the Far East this year are Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia – Bali, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and India.

In 2019, on most destinations in the Far East, there were increases in the number of Romanian tourists between 25 and 50% depending on the country, compared to 2018, but in the pandemic year 2020, the countries of South East Asia and Australia adopted among the most great restrictions, practically closing for tourism.

“With the reopening of tourism in the countries of the Far East and in Australia, we began to receive numerous requests for circuits but also for individual stays in these areas. Compared to the previous year, for these destinations, the rate increases are between 20 and 25% It is possible that next year the number of tourists for these destinations will also reach the level of 2019. Since last year, since Romanian tourists started traveling again, with the partial lifting of restrictions, they have shown their interest and for these Asian destinations, “hunting” the moment when these countries will reopen, because we all know that during the two years of the pandemic, the countries of the Far East had the most restrictions and for the longest period of time. On the other hand on the other hand, we started receiving requests for Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, for which we have prepared a new circuit in the fall, as well as other programs for next year,” says Daniela N edelcu, general director of the DAL Travel agency.

Some of the countries of the Far East, such as Thailand, require a vaccination certificate or a PCR test upon entering the country, in order to avoid the 5-day quarantine.

“In Asia, DAL Travel has groups forming for autumn in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea and South Korea with Japan. At the end of July DAL already has a group formed for a special circuit in Indonesia and Papua of West on the occasion of the Baliem Festival. This event features a meeting with Baliem Valley tribal representatives, rituals and war demonstrations, learning about the tribal way of life in Suroba village and traditional dance performances. The demand was very high and registrations were made quickly, even if it is a niche destination”, adds Daniela Nedelcu.

The top of the circuits from the Far East and Australia is led by Vietnam and South Korea, followed by Indonesia, South India – Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Australia – New Zealand – Tasmania and by the circuit that has become classic: Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore.

Compared to the previous year, tourist packages for the Far East have become more expensive by 20-25%.

“Asia opened later than other destinations, the supply is high, the demand was relatively small but now it is starting to increase. The most affordable tourist packages are for Indonesia – Bali from 1,950 euros and at the opposite pole, Australia – New Zealand – Tasmania from 7,340 euros. Regarding air transport, the same airports also serve the line companies and low-cost companies. DAL Travel prefers the line companies, which offer more solutions in case of delays and cancellations and are also members of international alliances”, more say the company representatives.

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