The Russian military is not resisting the Ukrainian hurricane, which has already liberated 6,000 square kilometers of territory and more than 20 localities from the occupation of the former Red Army

Russian military vehicles destroyed by the Ukrainian military PHOTO AFP

Ukraine has announced new military successes in the Kharkiv region, saying it has reached the border with Russia and freed the equivalent of a territory seven times the size of Kiev from Russian military control in a month. The former Red Army appears to have disbanded and abandoned much of its military equipment, with much equipment intact.

In the east, “the liberation of localities from the Russian invaders continues in the regions of Kharkiv and Donetsk”, the Ukrainian army claimed. And in the Kherson region (south), it claimed the recapture of 500 square kilometers in two weeks, its first numerical estimate of the advance from the south.

In total, “since the beginning of September, our soldiers have already liberated 6,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian territory in the east and south, and we continue to advance,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an online video late Monday. On Sunday, Kiev only claimed 3,000 “liberated” square kilometers.

The Ukrainian army said on Monday that, on the entire front, it “managed to expel the enemy from more than 20 localities” in 24 hours, adding that “Russian troops are abandoning their positions in a hurry and fleeing”. During the evening, the chief of staff of the Ukrainian presidency, Andrii Iermak, published a video in which a voice-over explains: “The 14th separate mechanized brigade has reached the border of the Kharkiv region with Russia. Here is the village of Ternova”, located five kilometers from the Russian border.

No hasty conclusions

“It is too early to say where all this will take us,” reacted the head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, during a visit to Mexico. “We are in the early days (of the counter-offensive – no), so I think it would not be good to anticipate exactly where all this will lead us,” he added.

Also in the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office announced on Monday the discovery of four corpses of civilians with “traces of torture” in the recently liberated village of Zaliznicinoye. “According to the preliminary version of the investigation, the victims were killed by Russian soldiers during the occupation of the village”, stated the prosecutor’s office. Russian forces have been accused of repeated abuses in Ukraine.

It should be noted that, on Sunday, Ukrainian forces entered Izium, in the northeast, a town that had 50,000 inhabitants before the war and which became a key point for the logistics and supply of Russian troops. The loss of this city could seriously counter Moscow’s military ambitions in eastern Ukraine, military experts believe. “Ukraine has inflicted a major operational defeat on Russia by almost entirely taking over the Kharkiv region, but the current counter-offensive will not end the war,” warned the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Leave in a big hurry

Most likely, the Russian military retreated chaotically, and this conclusion can only be reached by seeing numerous photos shared on social networks by the Ukrainian military and showing the weapons and combat equipment abandoned by the former Red Army. These are tanks, armored vehicles, trucks, command centers, self-propelled artillery pieces, rocket launchers that will be repaired and will now be used against the invasion forces.

For the most part, Russian combat vehicles appear to have been damaged in fighting with the Ukrainians or even by the retreating Russian military. However, while some of the vehicles have clearly sustained significant damage, others appear to be in good condition, likely needing minor repairs to be reused by the Ukrainian military.

Military analyst Aurel Cazacu explained to “Adevărul” what the Allies must do in the midst of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. “Allied tacticians must work as before. They have data from the satellite and from the surveillance aircraft of NATO countries flying over Romania, Poland and over the Black Sea and they must not be taken by the wave. There is no need to rush when advising the Ukrainian military. A high pace of fighting must be maintained so that the Russians do not breathe, but on the background of victories we must not rush because we can fall into a race. Then, just as importantly, Europeans and Americans must not get drunk on cold water, so to speak. The rate at which military aid reaches Ukrainians must not be slowed down. Even this one must be raised, because it is a crucial moment for this war”, said Aurel Cazacu.

The army appeals to the population

The Ukrainian military intelligence service continues to appeal to citizens who are asked to communicate the exact location (with GPS coordinates if possible) of the former Red Army’s command centers and encampments. At the same time, the Ukrainian intelligence service is asking the population for the exact location of the high-ranking Russian officers.

In addition, citizens are asked to report the movements of Russian troops and possible movements of military columns coded with the letter “Z”, but also to communicate the identity data of those who made pacts with the Russian occupiers.

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