They struggled for years to become parents, and when the pregnancy was finally possible, after long treatments and medical procedures, fate seemed to put another obstacle in their way. They left Ukraine when she was 36 weeks pregnant. She knew she could go into labor at any moment. She was worried because it was her first pregnancy, achieved and maintained through treatments. Their original plan was to go to Bulgaria, to a hospital in Varna, rent a room, then wait for the baby to be born.

After many other challenges, they were advised to reach Brașov. On the way, however, their car broke down and they were left without a means of transport. A handful of good people came to their aid and offered them accommodation, and when they saw that the mother-to-be was not feeling well, they took her to the Queen Maria Hospital in Brașov.

“I knew it would cost us, but we had to be in a safe place for my family, that was the situation, we had no choice. So it seemed natural to me to pay at the hospital in Brașov, for the check-up to which my wife had to be taken. How great was my wonder that the doctors did so much for the child and wife without any payment, I have no words nor know how to tell you. It was huge for us. I don’t know how I can say thank you. I am also grateful to them, the doctors, and the Romanians. There is so much that has been done for us, all of you from Romania!”, says the father.

The mother was consulted at the Regina Maria Brașov Hospital, and following the investigations, several problems were clear that required careful monitoring. On the one hand, the age of the mother and the associated risks, on the other, the pre-existing pathology. But the medical team from the Queen Maria Brașov Maternity Hospital was constantly by her side and did everything possible to keep mother and child safe.

The doctors and all those who helped us with so much love, humanity and understanding brought my desired child to light. My child will remind me, every day of my life, everything you have done for us. And every day we will be grateful to you!, say the parents excitedly.

Dreaming for years that one day you will hold your child to your chest, and when that day comes, things get darker and darker around you, everything turns into a fight for life.

With an overwhelming story, the child was born in Brașov, in complete safety, and his birth was attended by warm-hearted and empathetic people, who together made life go on.

Queen Mary recognizes and welcomes the effort, but especially the power of mothers to fight for the safety and life of their children.

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About the REGINA MARIA Health Network

The REGINA MARIA health network is a leader in the quality of medical services in Romania, being the only operator that owns three hospitals with international accreditations. Through the 14 accreditations held – a unique achievement in Central and Eastern Europe, REGINA MARIA constantly demonstrates its commitment to medical excellence and the safety of patient care.

At the same time, REGINA MARIA also innovated the segment of medical services for companies, launching for the first time in Romania the concept of corporate subscriptions, over 25 years ago. More recently, the company has also developed specialized medical packages for SMEs and individuals, currently managing a portfolio of over 720,000 subscriptions. In addition, in the last 10 years, REGINA MARIA has invested almost 200 million euros in the development of the medical system in Romania, by modernizing or opening new locations, purchasing high-performance equipment and training medical teams.

REGINA MARIA is the only medical services company in Romania that has completely taken over and successfully integrated over 35 other players on the market, having its own presence in more than half of the country’s counties and national coverage through over 330 clinics partners. The company brings together 7,500 employees and collaborators and offers complete services of hospitalization and surgery, maternity, polyclinic, imaging, laboratory and stem cell storage, to a number of more than 5 million patients.

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