The Ukrainian insurance company Veltliner launched a new travel insurance policy to be used by tourists after the end of the war. This offers coverage for the costs of medical emergencies of up to 30,000 euros, including serious cases of Covid 19.

The product has a validity of five or ten years from the purchase and is available in “one-time” and “reusable” variants, the cost of an individual policy varying between 35 and 55 euros depending on the variant.

Veltliner described the policy as “an opportunity to open a new horizon and show a gesture of support for the economy of Ukraine”, adding that the company continues to make efforts to ensure the continuity of the activity.

Company officials stated: “Veltliner believes and knows that in the near future Ukraine will be a peaceful country, which will continue to receive with hospitality all those who come to visit it. The vast expanses of Ukraine are rich and varied: steppes and dense forests , lakes, majestic mountains, raging rivers, golden fields… they will amaze you again and again.”

This policy comes at a time when most governments around the world do not recommend travel to Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. As a result, the travel medical insurance sector in this country has been severely affected, with Veltliner stating that premium income is currently down by approximately 90% compared to pre-invasion levels.

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