An ambulance could have gone to the moon and back, how many kilometers has it traveled since saving lives in Brasov county, reports Bună Ziua Brasov. The special vehicle from the Făgăraş work point traveled on the not very good roads of the county no less than 760,000 kilometers, although the scrapping norm imposed by the European Union is 200,000 kilometers.

The employees joke that the Rescue car has circled the Earth 19 times, so it’s no wonder that it has rusted doors and sills, dull seats, and body parts are giving way one after another. Recently, the car entered service.

The employee from the emergency unit in Făgăraş who drove the ambulance-wreck until it was repaired says that it is not the first time that he sets off in life and death against the clock.

Now, the driver received a car with a slightly lower number of kilometers, of… 650,000! “The bodywork is aged. No matter how much you change and no matter how much you put new parts on an old body, it doesn’t help much”, says Călin Căldăraru, paramedic.

Currently, there are a total of 72 ambulances at the Braşov Ambulance. About 20 can no longer be repaired and are pulled to the right, and another 25 are very old. The other 27 are extremely demanding and reach a high degree of wear in a very short time.

The Brasov People’s Advocate asked the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) to take measures.


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