Ten parks in the city could have special swings for children with disabilities, swings dedicated to them, or there could even be a sensory maze for little ones with visual disabilities, Rador Press Agency announces. This is if a draft decision in this regard passes, which will be put on the agenda of this month’s plenary session.

“For the first time, the municipality of Brașov will have accessible parks for people and children with disabilities. If we look at the current situation of the parks and make an analysis, it would seem that we do not have disabled people in the municipality because we do not have any parks that allow those with locomotor problems to use them. That’s why we will initiate a draft council decision to make parks in the municipality of Brașov accessible, to make them accessible to those who are not as lucky as us”, said the deputy mayor of the municipality of Brașov, Flavia Boghiu.

The estimated budget is 3 million lei, and the procurement procedures will begin as soon as possible after the approval in the City Council.

In total, the municipality of Brșov has over 260 playgrounds.


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