Brasov is preparing for ski season and the City Hall has bought ten snow cannons to supplement the natural snow on the ski slopes when the time comes and the slopes open to the public.

Brasov’s City Hall has allocated EUR 285,000 to the purchase of said equipment, plus VAT, and will be signing the contract with Technoalpin Romania in the coming days, according to

The source states that the snow cannons will operate at a temperature of no more than -2.5 degrees Celsius and meet the standards set by the buyer.

Firstly, the cannons must have individual weather stations to measure the parameters that determine the quality of the snow.

Secondly, they must come with a lighting system that functions while they are operational, including a warning light, and this light must be joined by an audible alarm.

Additionally, the machines must have been produced no earlier than 2021, ensuring that they are up to date, as specified in the procurement procedure.

The Mayor of Brasov, Allen Coliban, says that the cannons will be used mainly to ensure the viability of two ski slopes: the lower Wolf (Lupului inferior) and the Blue Road (Drumul Albastru) slopes.

“Although they are very good ski slopes, especially due to the fact that they feature their own cable transport (the Wolf chairlift), these slopes are usually the last to open during the season due to a lack of snow,” says the mayor.

“This is why the purchase of these cannons was a priority for us. So that, from next season, the opening of the lower part of the ski area will include these two slopes and thereby reduce the wait time for the cable car.”

Mayor Coliban also outlined several other projects that City Hall is currently undertaking to modernize the ski zone in Poiana Brasov, such as purchases of slope lighting equipment for the Red Road (Drumul Roșu), Subteleferic, lower Wolf and Blue Road slopes, three new cables transport lines and the creation of new links between the slopes, as well as the provision of new water sources to supply the lake in Poiana Ruia.

Last season, the artificial snow production system in the Postăvarul massif consisted of 120 lances, 24 mobile cannons, and 12 fixed cannons, with the system producing almost 400,000 cubic meters of artificial snow between Christmas of 2021 and Easter 2022.

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