Who are the owners of the Genius Travel travel agency, the people who harmed dozens of Romanians (Business Magazin)

Bogdan Ştefan and Ionuţ Costea, the founders of Genius Travel, the travel agency that announced its insolvency through e-mails sent to clients, told in an interview previously granted to the publication that they worked in the 2000s as sales agents for internet services and they founded the travel agency in 2008. They were 25 years old. They invested 150,000 euros and initially had 14 employees. If initially they started selling holiday packages for Bulgaria and Croatia, after 2010 they focused on more destinations. Last year, the agency had three offices, in Bucharest, Pitesti and Ploiesti, worked with approximately 20 employees and sold from city breaks in Europe with prices of 150 euros to vacations in exotic islands for over 2,000 euros.
The two specified that, in all the years of entrepreneurship, they did not contract any bank loan and were self-financed, both from the tourism business, obtained through Genius Travel, and from real estate development, an activity they entered in 2010 By the time of the interview granted to Business Magazin, they had developed three blocks of up to 20 apartments in Bucharest, with prices ranging from 850 euros/sqm to 1,200 euros/sqm, depending on the area where they are built. At the same time, they declared that the investment in each of them was around 500,000 euros and the blocks were sold in their entirety. In 2014, the two entrepreneurs took over the management of a hotel in the Danube Delta, with which they aimed for business of half a million euros due to an original concept of low-cost holidays.

You can adopt them much easier! 3,500 children in Romania are looking for parents (Evenimentul Zilei)

The adoption procedure law has been amended and simplified. Those who want to adopt a child no longer have mountains of paperwork to file and new elements have appeared to support the child. A Romanian child in this situation spends around 7.5 years in the system. In Romania there are 57,581 children in the special protection system. 3,250 are adoptable, 698 are disabled, and 813 are siblings.

INTERVIEW. Neagu Djuvara turns 100 today (Free Romania)

The well-known historian was born into a family of Aromanian origin, settled here at the end of the 18th century, which gave the country many notable people.
Graduated in history from the Sorbonne (1937) and doctor of law (Paris, 1940), Neagu Djuvara participated in the Romanian military campaign in Bessarabia and Transnistria (June–November 1941), being wounded near Odessa. Two years later he was employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then he was sent as a diplomatic courier to Stockholm in the morning of August 23, 1944, in connection with the peace negotiations with the USSR. In the capital of Sweden, he works as secretary of legation until September 1947, when the communists take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He remains in exile, working until 1961 in various organizations of the diaspora. In 1961 he left for the Republic of Niger, where he would stay for 23 years as a diplomatic and legal adviser to the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, at the same time, professor of international law and economic history at the University of Niamey.
“Free Romania” resumes today, to mark a century of life of one of the most important Romanian historians, an interview given to our newspaper in 2010, in which Neagu Djuvara speaks, with incredible vision, about the Islamic danger, about the unstoppable desire of Russia’s expansion into its neighbors and the chaos that has engulfed the world.

Whose is Brâncuşi? (the truth)

Mircea Vasilescu reminds that not a lot of money was collected for “Earth Integrity”. And there is not much time left until the line will have to be drawn and the assembly made. 6 million euros are needed and not even a tenth of the amount has been collected.
Why don’t people donate money to “Earth Decency”? First of all, because it’s summer, it’s a holiday, and the mental occupation of Romanian citizens is, for now, different. Then, because in our Southern-Balkan mentality, the temptation to leave everything to the last minute is great. But there are also deeper causes.
I think that people have learned that art and culture are free and are used for patriotic puffing of the chest and “promoting the image abroad”.
I think the decades of communist propaganda still have an effect. Add to them the nonsense from the transition period: there were no cultural policies to stimulate donations for art and culture, the sponsorship law is old and stupid. The average citizen has almost no tax advantage if they donate money (apart from the 2% tax donation provision).
And I think there is something in between. The ties between the state and the citizen are, in our country, very weak. The common man feels that the State is “something else”, an abstract entity that creates difficulties for him, that spends money unnecessarily, that takes more than it gives. All the stuttering, blunders and works of the transition contributed to this perception.

We got rid of Pep, are we running into Mou? (Sports newspaper)

Steaua is like eliminated from the UEFA Champions League, but will continue in the Europa League groups. The Red-Blues will be in the second ballot in tomorrow’s draw and need luck. Otherwise, they can catch a hell of a group with Manchester United, Celta Vigo and Mainz.

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