​After Gerhard Schröder’s last visit to the Kremlin, numerous Russian media are presenting the former German chancellor as a savior of Europe from the cold winter and a mediator in the war in Ukraine, writes Deutsche Welle.

Vladimir Putin and Gerhard SchroederPhoto: VLADIMIR RODIONOV / AFP / Profimedia

Germany will freeze. And what else will freeze, if the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is not put into operation. Russian President Vladimir Putin would have recently received such information from his German friend Gerhard Schröder, at least if we were to go by the title of the largest Russian tabloid Moskovski Komsomolez (MK). For his part, Putin would have “explained in detail to his guest what the current situation is and how it can be improved”. The Moscow newspaper praises Schröder because he would have presented to the German media, immediately after the meeting with Putin, the arguments of the head of the Kremlin and because he would have “asked the German government to open the Nord Stream 2 pipeline”.

From the same source, Schröder would have found Putin’s arguments convincing, as the Russian tabloid sums up with satisfaction: “In an interview in the German press, he followed Putin’s argument and blamed Siemens for the existing problems (with gas supplies to Europe – editor’s note).”

“Very convenient collaboration”

The religious-conservative post Ţargrad explained that Schröder, under the pressure of an unnamed “European lobby group”, would have renounced his business ties in Russia. However, Tsargrad now considers the former head of the German government as a mediator. And he praises him like this: “Gerhard Schröder is one of the most important ‘friends of Putin’ in Europe, as he has been presented for many years by the Western press. In reality, this means that he was able to collaborate very comfortably with ex – the German chancellor.”

The Ria Novosti news agency, which publishes many opinion pieces, refers to a letter from a reader addressed to the German daily Die Welt, in which Schröder is also praised and writes: “Germans are delighted with his words about Putin.” The same article also makes a comparison with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, unfavorable to the current chief executive in Berlin. And here German readers would be quoted who would urgently demand the start of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

“Speaking is better than silence”

The newspaper Izvestia emphasizes Schröder’s loyalty to Putin and writes: “The former chancellor refused to apologize for his friendship with Putin.” Speaking is better than being silent, it is written further – the situation in Ukraine could be resolved with the help of diplomacy. The Kremlin would be willing to negotiate peace, the newspaper quotes the former German chancellor and criticizes, referring to Schröder’s words: “However, European countries, including Germany and France, are not doing enough for this purpose.”

The online portal Deita.ru asks in its headline: “Did ‘Putin’s friend’ come to Moscow to save Germany and end the special military operation?” Schröder allegedly came to Moscow to save the Germans from the “horror of the frost” from the winter and to act as a mediator in the conflict in Ukraine. In the event of Russian-Ukrainian peace negotiations, the Kremlin would probably accept concessions only if the head of the German government Scholz agreed, in return, to stop military aid to Ukraine.

“When Germany fulfills the US wish to supply weapons to the Ukrainian army, these weapons are used to kill Russian soldiers. And in this case no economic interest takes precedence over the value of human lives. Moreover, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to the confiscation of assets Russian public and private companies”, writes the Russian author and expresses his hope that the long friendship between Putin and Schröder will help speed up the organization of such negotiations: “Schröder enjoys in Germany (…) a high level of credibility and is part of the the politicians Putin prefers to talk to.”

Source: Deutsche Welle

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