August 19-21, 2022| Alba Iulia Music & Film Festival PROGRAM: Films, live concerts and famous guests, in the Alba Carolina Citadel

Received with bursts of applause at the major film festivals and rewarded with important prizes at Cannes, Berlin or TIFF, the films selected for this year’s edition of the Alba Iulia Music & Film Festival (AIMFF) mark the return to the true dimension of the event and 10 years of presence in the middle of the Citadel.

The comedy The Best Boss, which collected six Goya awards last year, and the lady of Romanian music, Corina Chiriac, will open the festival, which will oscillate, from beginning to end, between humor and drama. AIMFF will take place between August 19-21, in the already consecrated places of the Alba Carolina Citadel: Cetății Square, Vestică Square, Obelisk Esplanade and Cetății Garden.


Citadel Square
20:00-Official opening of the festival: Corina Chiriac concert

21:00– FILM: The Good Boss, 2021, Spain, director: Fernando León de Arano/ 1h 56

Western Market
21:00– FILM: Weddings, baptisms, funerals, 2022, Romania, director: Alexandru Lustig / 2h1min.

The esplanade of the Obelisk
20:45– FILM: Goat with three goats, 2022, Romania, director: Victor Canache / 1h 23min.

The Citadel Garden
21:00– FILM: The Island, 2021, Romania, directed by: Anca Damian/ 1h 24min.


Citadel Square
10:00 – Show for children: Who’s in Joben? (Magic Puppet Band)/ 40min

11:00 – Children’s workshop: Giant soap bubbles/ 1h

19:00 – Street art Performance: Living statues

20:00 – Concert: Alexandru Andries & Band

21:00– FILM: Metronome, 2022, Romania, director: Alexandru Belc / 1h 42min

Western Market
20:45– FILM: Alcarràs, 2022, Spain, director: Carla Simon / 2h

The esplanade of the Obelisk
20:45– FILM: Completely unknown, 2021, Romania, director: Octavian Strunilă / 1h 34min.

Citadel Garden (St. Capistrano Alley)
17:00– Music & film Quiz

20:45– FILM: King Mihai: The Road Home, 2021, Romania / 50 min.

21:50 – FILM: Balaur, 2021, Romania, director: Octav Chelaru / 2h 4min


Citadel Square
10:00 – Show for children: Mini-scientist (Magic Puppet Troupe)/ 40 min

11:00 – Workshop for children: Scientific experiments / 1h

19:00 – Street art Performance: Bubble Airship

20:00 – Concert: Mădălina Pavăl Live Orchestra

21:00– FILM: Wild Romania, 2021, Romania, directed by: Dan Dinu, Cosmin Dumitrache / 2h 3min
Western Market

20:45– FILM: Special screening: Navalnyi, 2022, USA, director: Daniel Roher/ 1h 38min

The esplanade of the Obelisk
20:45- FILM: Miracle, 2021, Romania, director: Bogdan George Apetri / 1h 58min.

Citadel Garden (St. Capistrano Alley)
17:00– Music & film Quiz

21:00– FILM: Maigret, 2022, France, director: Patrice Leconte / 1h 29 min.

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