According to, the “Hoghilag Tuberose Festival” – the 2022 edition, opens its doors in the Sibiu commune this weekend for all lovers of flowers, nature, tradition and culture. The event, now in its 7th edition, whose media partner is Agrointeligența – AGROINTEL.RO, managed to put Hoghilag commune in Sibiu county on the tourist map of the country. Thus, thousands of visitors come here annually to enjoy the more than 5 hectares cultivated by locals with tuberoses.

The event, which takes place on the first weekend of the month of tasting, this year on the 6th and 7th of August, and brings to the fore the “Tuberose de Hoghilag”, which is the third flower from Europe to receive from the European Commission recognition as a product with “Protected Geographical Indication”. Thus, the Town Hall of the Hoghilag commune, together with the “Centre of excellence for the promotion of the Hoghilag commune” Association, organizes on August 6, 2022 the “Hoghilag Tuberose Festival”, an event that promotes the cultivation of these very well-known and appreciated flowers since the beginning of the 20th century, as Ionuț Diaconeasa, adviser for European affairs at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, told Agrointeligența – AGROINTEL.RO.

“As every year on the first weekend of August, this year the Tuberose Festival will be organized on August 6 and 7, in Hoghilag commune. The news compared to last year is that events and actions with a pronounced cultural character will be held in the respective villages. The commune of Hoghilag has 2 more villages besides Hoghilag, Valchid and Prod. In each village there will be events that are detailed in the program. In the sea, there will be a guided tour of the tuberose gardens, with volunteers from the commune and student volunteers from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences from Sibiu. They will accompany the public and give specialized technical explanations to tourists, they are also speakers of foreign languages, so they will also take over foreign tourists, so it is very well organized. At the infopoint near the Evangelical Church, groups of tourists form and go and take guided tours of the tuberose gardens”, said Ionuț Diaconeasa, advisor for European affairs at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Fair of local products and handicrafts at the Hoghilag Tuberose Festival

The “Tuberose Festival” program also includes a fair of local products with traditional dishes, creative workshops for children and adults, film screenings and concerts, as completed by Ionuț Diaconeasa. “It is also a fair with local products, local agri-food products, but also handicraft products, where the inhabitants of the Hoghilag commune had priority. There is also someone with a local beer, Avrig beer, it is a beer produced in Sibiu county and someone else with mangalița products, from Rahoviţa, who will make cooked dishes from mangalița pork. In the rest, there will be products from all sectors: beekeeping products, bakery products, fresh, processed vegetables-fruits, processed meat, everything”, Ionuț Diaconeasa added.

The “Tuberose Festival” program from Hoghilag 2022

Hoghilag Tuberose Feast 2022: Saturday – 6th August. Venue: Tuberose Land

12.00-22.00 Fair of local products and goodies – Hoghilag, Valchid and Prod;

12.00-22.00 Exhibition selling local products “Association Center of Excellence for the Promotion of Hoghilag Commune”;

12.00:22.00 Tour of tuberose crops;

12.00-19.30 Morar Anamaria-,, Composting workshop, Pressing workshop, Herbarium: Bilbice scents”;

14.00-18.00 Mihaela Sava – “Hoghilag Tuberose Botanic Workshop”;

14.00-18.00 Dinu Georgiana- “Workshop woven from recycled paper tubes making decorative objects”

17.00-18.00 Children’s theater “The Crow and the Fox” adaptation by Eugen Pădureanu after Jean de la Fontaine presented by the TACT Sighișoara theater and the Reactor Association 10/90;

Hoghilag Tuberose Feast 2022: Saturday – 6th August. Venue: Hoghilag Evangelical Church

12.00-12.30 Presentation of historical monuments: – Eugen Vaida, president of the Monumentum Association;

12.30 – 13.30 Vocal group: “Mugurașii de Târnava”;

13.30 – 14.00 Light Music with Posta Nicolae;

14.00 – 16.00 Film screening: “The Organs of Transylvania”;

16.00 – 17.00 Book launch: “Monografie Valchid my native village”-Association of Săsești Valchid Communities- translation by Mihai Florea. Presented by Mihai Florea;

18.00 – 19.00 Pop-Rock Music – Dynamic Unplugged;

19.00 – 20.00 Cello recital-PlaCello ensemble: Răzvan Suma and Ella Bokor;

20.00 – 21.00 Mini-recital of romances and traditional music: Luminița-Maria Dejan.

Hoghilag Tuberose Feast 2022: Sunday – 7th August. Venue: Tuberose Land

12.00-20.00 Tour of tuberose crops;

12.00-22.00 Fair of local products and goodies – Hoghilag, Valchid and Prod;

12.00-22.00 Exhibition with sale of local products, Association Center of Excellence for Promotion;

12.00-19.30 Morar Ana-Maria-,, Composting workshop/Pressing workshop Herbarium Mobilis Biblical scents;

14.00-18.00 Dinu Georgiana- “Workshop woven from recycled paper tubes making decorative objects”;

16.00-17.00 Children’s theater “A goat… two goats… and a wolf” stage adaptation by Ion Creangă, choreography by Nora Ioanovici, a show by Nelu Roman, presented by the TACT Sighișoara theater and the Reactor 10/90 Association;

Hoghilag Tuberose Feast 2022: Sunday – 7th August. Venue: Hoghilag Evangelical Church

13.00 – 15.00 Book launch “The Return of the Last – Nicolae Suciu 70”, publishing house Vatra Veche 2021. Presented by Nicolae Băciuț, the director of the Mureș Culture Directorate and the publisher of the book.

15.00 – 16.00 Lecture with Father Constantin Necula on the theme,,Change in the Face of God/Feast of Light;

16.30 – 17.00 The vocal group “Almășanul”;

17.00 – 18.00 “Students of the piano class of the Popular School of Arts and Crafts” Ilie Michelin Sibiu, Prof. Gheorghe Popescu, director Pinca Alina

18.00 – 19.00 Brass band music – Saxon brass band “Neppendorfer Blaskapelle”.

“Last year, the Hoghilag tuberose was promoted very well because the world is aware that it is the third flower from the European Union to be presented to the European Commission, after the Szoregy rose and the azalea from Belgium. The world wants to come and see the third flower to be certified by the European Commission and the first flower from Romania. At the moment the documentation is at the Ministry of Agriculture. Now, in our country, although it did not exist, there is a body that can certify flowers, because at the European Commission it is recognized that they grow these flowers according to a specification certified by an independent body. The documentation is in the final stage and will be sent to the European Commission in a very short time. As for duration, we hope to have it registered next year, the fastest product registered in Romania was the Sibiu telemeau which was registered in one year and 9 months, and the rest, 3,4 or 5 years. Here we hope not to be the case”, added Ionuț Diaconeasa.

The Minister of Agriculture, Petre Daea, was also invited to the event, along with other officials. “The Minister of Agriculture, state secretaries from the Ministry of Agriculture, the directors of the ministry’s specialized apparatus, the local authorities and the president of the County Council, the prefect of Sibiu and many other guests from all over the country are invited”, recalled Ionuț Diaconeasa.

About the impact that the Hoghilag Tuberose Festival has on the community, Ionuț Diaconeasa says that it represents the best example that could be given for the development of a community based on a product. “There will be a higher number of tourists than last year. This is reinforced by the very best practice example of how to develop a community based on the notoriety of a product. The European quality schemes were designed for exactly this purpose: to identify local quality products, for the European Commission to recognize this quality and for rural communities to develop based on the notoriety of this product. And here is the perfect example, it is the best example of how a community can flourish, because the events extend both before the holiday and after the holiday, until the month of October. And now the manufacturers are at the stage where they have been approached by force partners, financial partners to help them. Some funds were collected for the association, this is the first year in which they benefit from being established in an associative form – the Center of Excellence for the promotion of the Hoghilag commune”, Ionuț Diaconeasa added.

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